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Share RV Expenses? Maybe Not.


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RV Trip Sharing Is Caring, Or Is It?

    My friend Cheryl* is on a tight budget so she was thrilled at the idea of sharing costs on her upcoming Alaska RV trip. Her niece Jenna, Jenna’s six-year-old daughter and their Pomeranian were eager to go. It was thought to be a cost-sharing deal. Then things started to go south.
*To avoid embarrassment, real names are not used

 What are the roadblocks and potholes ahead if you decide to take a guest on board your RV to share costs?

    * What is the nature of your relationship with the guest? If you’re the parent, aunt or grandparent, or are known to have a higher income, is it usually assumed that you pick up checks,  send gifts, host the baby  showers and can be tapped easily for emergency loans?

Agree on terms ahead of time

     * Unless things are hammered out ahead of time, hard feelings can start as early as the first fuel stop. Are you sharing all costs of the trip or just the gas?  At this fuel stop you may also need quart of oil and next time you need to use the coin-op vacuum and tire pump. Should these costs be shared?

    * The true cost of operating an RV is far more than filling the fuel tank. On the trip you’ll need routine maintenance plus propane and generator fuel.

    * As the driver, you hand over money at every toll booth. Should tolls go on the shared bill? 


    * If grocery costs are to be split, what about odd costs such as for things you don’t use such as dog food, alcohol or high priced energy drinks? 


     * What if you campground bill shows extra costs such as your guest’s greens fees or spa treatments, and the treats Jenna's daughter is charging at the snack bar?

    * Road slop is real, especially in Alaska, and wash-downs at truck stops can add up. Should Jenna pay half at the truck wash?

    * You divide up the chores and that’s working OK. Then Jenna volunteers to do the laundry while you cook dinner. You keep a stash of quarters on hand for the machines but costs for her extra loads are adding up as the weeks go by.
    * With guests on board you have to stop at dump stations much more often than when you are alone. Should your guest pay half the fee? More than half since she brought her daughter?


    * Jenna and her daughter spend hours every day on the campground wi-fi, which is costly.   Should you split the complete campground bill or ask Jenna to pay for the Wi-Fi?  

    * You have a campground membership, which slashes nightly costs greatly, but Jenna has her heart set on tkaing her daughter to a famous theme park with an expensive  campground where you'll pay full price. Who pays the $70-per-night  difference? 

    Talk it out ahead of time. Hard feelings can ruin a friendship AND your travel budget.



* According to the Defuniak Herald, plans for a proposed RV park in the Florida panhandle are moving ahead.  The Next Adventure RV Park in Walton County, Florida will have 27 RV pads, a clubhouse, office and bathhouse. If you love camping along Florida’s Emerald Coast, it will be a long wait but do keep current on this project and jump on board as soon as reservations go live.
* Plan to be in the Santa Ynez Valley wine country for St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)  when the Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton, California has its annual Wine & Chili Festival. The full-service RV resort has free Wi-Fi, playgrounds, a dog park, full hook-ups, poolside cabanas and much more. On this special day enjoy food trucks, live music, dance performances, wine, beer, spirits, salsa and chili tastings and loads of fun for the whole family. Festival tickets are free for children age 4 and under.  (805) 688-3716.

    * Spring will bring a long list of upgrades to Devil’s Fork Campground in Dungannon, Virginia. New wll be a camp store, retail space for tents and hookups for six RV’s. A dump station is expected to be finished by April 1.
     * “Substantial” improvements are coming to the campground at  Selkirk Shores State Park, New York starting in September. Each of the 130 campsites will get crushed stove surfaces and the entire infrastructure will be upgraded. The park will be open for day use during the project. Completion is expected by 2026.

 * A $500K grant has been issued to Havana Glen Park in Montour Falls, New York for improvements that will include additional campsites and showers with showers with ADA access.

* After a five-year furlough, Hickory Hill Camping Resort in Bath, New York is back, but  without its KOA signage. The 210-acre resort has full bookups at most sites, water and electric at others. Amenities include a splash pad, pool and a new website. The new family owners are the same folks who owned the popular camping spot in the past. Don’t miss the Steuben County Fair, an annual tradition since 1819. Come back to see what’s new, what old.  Call (607) 776-4345 or email

    * Alas! After 60 years Whitey’s Fish Camp on Fleming Island, south of Jacksonville, Florida  on the St. Johns River  is for sale by family owners. For now the restaurant and campground remain open. This may be your last chance to see a real Southern fish camp.

    *  River Dance RV Park in Gypsum, Colorado is growing from 40 to more than 200 sites. The majority will be for tiny homes and park model RV’s, so RV travelers need to grab reservations as soon as they open. . Short- and long-term rentals will be available year round at the 78-are park along the Eagle River.

* Wannigan Regional Park in Frazee, Minnesota now belongs to the city of Frazee thanks to a grant from the state’s Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. The park will have three camping areas, to  be completed in stages. Three trail systems go through the scenic park, known for its historic covered bridge and for tranquil padding and hiking.

    * Now that OU  sports teams have been admitted to the Southeastern Conference,  more housing is needed for loyal sports fans who will be pouring into Norman, Oklahoma. A 142-acre wooded property, to be named  Liberty Point, will have a luxury RV resort, playground, adventure park, dog park, mini-golf, bike rentals and bike rentals. During football season, a shuttle will take fans to the stadium. An opening is expected in time for the OU 2025 football season.

    * Here’s good news for campers at Yellow Creek Park in Owensboro, Kentucky. The park will soon have an additional 14 RV and camping sites with electric hookups.

    * In Sedona, Arizona, the annual Open Studio Tour is scheduled for April 26-28. Go to for details on this self-guided, self-timed opportunity to visit 50 artists in their private workplaces. Map out your own route through the area and get campground reservations ASAP in a suitable location. Further information is available from Mike Upp at (503) 789.4437. 

 * New in West Columbia, South Carolina at the Big Rig Friendly RV Resort will be 33 additional sites, completing Phase Three of the 186-site resort. By May, the swimming pool is expected to be open and more pickleball courts should be ready by then too. Spacious campsites are 70 to 120 feet long and eventually are accommodate up to 277 RV’s.


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8 Maddening RV Pet Myths

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My precious Gypsy loved the RV


1. Pets don’t get motion sickness. 

    Yes, they do, according to WebMD. Just as in  children, motion sickness is more common in puppies and young dogs. The pet may drool, vomit or lick its jowls, or it may show its discomfort by whining, yawning or being extra active or extra lethargic. 

    Stress adds to chances of a pet getting car sick, so make the whole experience as comfortable as possible. My late dog Gypsy loved being in the camper, so she joined me there when I was working inside even if we were not going anywhere. This makes a pet feel more at home when you are underway. 

    A crate is a good idea, both to contain the pet and any vomit or diarrhea resulting from motion sickness. See your veterinarian about car sick and nausea relief drops.


No kidding, pets need restraints

2. Pets don’t need restraints
    Pets have incredibly fast reaction time but no pet is quick enough or strong enough to withstand  the G forces in a panic stop or crash. It isn’t just the pet’s safety at stake. Even a small cat or dog could be turned into a cannonball in a crash, slamming into humans.




 Even birds aren't immune. I know a man who always drove with his beloved pet parrot on his shoulder. In a minor crash, the bird was thrown into the windshield and killed.

3. Pets don’t need special food, water or medication
    Depending on the trip and destination, your vet may recommend shots or pills for snake bite, “kennel cough”, fleas, ticks, anxiety  or other problems. I once found a stray cat that was seriously dehydrated from licking its salt-crusted fur in a mangrove swamp. It was getting too much salt and too little fresh water. 

    Some pet owners carry bottled water, or water from home, to avoid upsets from drinking different water in every campground. And it’s always wise to keep a pet on the same food or to gradually introduce a new one. 

    Abrupt changes in diet gave my Gypsy stomach trouble and a skin rash. Because her food brand isn’t available everywhere, I got  it delivered by mail order no matter where we were.

4. It’s OK to let the dog piddle
    Most RV travelers are meticulous about cleaning up dog poop but many will just stand there uncaring  when the same dog wets a neighbor's tires, hose or tent ropes.  It’s very hard to keep the dog from marking its territory and impossible to keep a male cat from squirting, but please don’t let another “No Pets Allowed” sign go up in another campground due to your pet’s bad manners.

5. Campground showers are a great place to wash the dog
    Not! Some people go bonkers if they see or smell a wet dog in the showers. They go straight to the manager to complain and another 'No Pets Allowed" sign goes up at another campground entrance.  If you have to bathe Bowser on the road, see a groomer or buy a small, inflatable swimming pool and bathe it at your campsite. 

6. My Dog Doesn’t Bark
    I once parked next to a couple whose dog began barking as soon as they left and didn’t stop until they returned. They were gone, of course, so they didn’t know that the nonstop barking was driving everyone crazy.  It might take a tranquilizer, or a bark collar, or just playing the radio or TV while you are away but please make sure your dog isn’t a pest. YOU may be the reason some campgrounds don’t allow pets.  


  7. It’s a Cool Day, So Rover is OK Inside the RV
    Even with windows open on a 70-degree day, a pet can suffer heat exhaustion in as little as 30 minutes. According to the Humane Society, signs of heatstroke are heavy panting, glazed eyes,  rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, excessive thirst, lethargy, fever, dizziness, lack of coordination, profuse salivation, vomiting, a deep red or purple tongue, seizure, and unconsciousness.

    Animals are at special risk for heat stroke, says the Humane Society,  if they are very old, very young, overweight, not conditioned to prolonged exercise, or have heart or respiratory disease. Some breeds of dogs—like boxers, pugs, shihtzus, and other dogs and cats with short muzzles—will have a much harder time breathing in extreme heat.


8. My Dog Obeys Voice Commands, so Leash Laws Don’t Apply to Me

    Dogs can bolt or disobey out of instinct, fear or need of romance. I once stopped to rescue  a beautiful, unleashed German shepherd that had apparently wandered off when the owners stopped at a rest stop. Probably on a schedule, they had to move on without the dog. 

The heartbroken dog was desperately running up and down a busy highway, looking for its family. You could lose a cherished pet, or be evicted from a campground for ignoring leash laws. 



 This news may be tentative, premature or incomplete. It's reported without endorsement of any service or site.  Follow up and verify for yourself as the news develops. 

    * The new  Camp Margaritaville RV Resort Lake Lanier is making waves in Buford, Georgia. (470) 323-3440. A premier resort with wowsome water features, it’s also a luxury, big rig friendly  RV park with large concrete RV pads, upscale laundry and shower rooms, dog park, kids’ activities, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, boat ramp and much more. Go to to see rafts of specials, perks, events and packages.

* Coming soon  to Hartsville, South Carolina, Standing Pines RV Resort will have RV sites, cabins and glamping sites on 80 forested acres. Features will include hiking trails,  a clubhouse, large resort-style pool, recreation courts, dog parks, fishing pond and playgrounds. Get in early at Download the brochure at (www.)

 * In Rock Island, Illinois there’s talk of adding 200 RV campsites to 200-acre  Sunset Park and Marina. Additions to the popular rec site on Lake Potter  may also be treehouses, rental boats and other overnight facilities. Stay tuned.

    * For now the Ace of Diamonds Mine & Campground in Middleville, New York remains closed. The gift shop will also stay closed until ongoing litigation is resolved.

 * South of Columbus, Ohio, Echo Lake Park will add 27 RV campsites plus other improvements while 50 new RV sites are slated for Muscatatuck Park in North Vernon, Ohio. Grammar Park off CR 550E will get a new playground. Other county parks that will benefit from new funding for improvements include Anderson Falls,  Clifford, Dunn, Elizabethtown, Heflen, Mt. Healthy, Owens Bend, Rock Creek and Wayne (but not all of them have camping) .

    * Commissioners in Graham, Texas have been presented with plans for a new RV park. Will this addition survive the approval process? Stay tuned.

* According to the Durango, Colorado Herald, a  major developer of RV parks has proposed a 137-site RV park on the Animas River. Plans  also call for fixed and mobile home sites. A traffic study will be made. Stay tuned.  

    * What’s not to Love? According to WNWS, the Love’s Travel Stop that is coming to Jackson, Tennessee will have 37 RV spaces plus a playground and dog park. Parking spaces will also be provided for 16 cars. 


See 16 fun and informative RV features by author Janet Groene, covering topics from campground crime to stains and spices,  at

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The Reality of RV Costs + Campground News

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RV Costs: A Reality Check


    Some RV owners can coast for years before the roof caves in. Smart RV-ers, however, recognize from the get-go that things  wear out, rust, fade and break down. Smart money managers save from the beginning for the inevitable expenditures, some of them carrying a big, big price tag.  

    As a rule of thumb, it’s wise to put aside 5-10 percent of the cost of the RV each year for replacements and upgrades. If you’re a clever shopper, can do most of your own work, take preventive measures  and are lucky, this should be more than enough. If you must hire someone for every repair, or  are accident prone or just have bad luck, such savings may not stretch far enough. 

    Let’s say you start with a $150,000 RV and put $1,500 in your RV Reserve Fund the first year. The first year everything is still new and under warranty, so you’ll probably raid the fund only for small custom features such as extra towel racks, closet accessories and bed linens.  

    By Year Two you add another $1,000 or so. You now have all the bugs out, all furnishings in, and the fund is earning interest. Still loyal to the plan, you add another $1500 in Year Three and the fund looks fat. However by Year Four  you’ll probably be tapping regularly into the fund for minor repairs or routine maintenance.
    The goal is to stay ahead of the game so that Year Ten finds you able to make major upgrades or repairs, or a substantial down payment on a new RV. 

    Where might all that money go? Prices vary widely and much depends on whether you can install things yourself. Here are some items you may want to add or upgrade in time.

    Air conditioners may wear out, or you may just want a larger, quieter, or more energy efficient model.
    Captain and co-pilot chairs start at about $350 plus  installation and go as high as $2,000 or more for leather upholstery, power, heat and air. Ready-made slipcovers for the old covers may cost under $50. Custom slip covers cost twice that and more.   
    Closed circuit TV is a good addition if it didn’t come with the rig.   Custom leveling systems cost $2,500 to $4,000 plus materials and installation depending on the type of controls and how many jacks are needed. Shop around to get quotes.  
    Communications upgrades are a constant temptation because of the fast-changing technology available. You may not need them if you want only at campgrounds that have the latest Wi-Fi and cable.
    Light fixtures can be cheap or classy. Most are an easy, DIY addition. You’ll probably want more light than came standard with the RV.
    Solar comes in many forms and price ranges, from a simple, portable solar panel  to a rooftop system that runs the entire “house”. .  
    * Trade your existing microwave for the latest a combination microwave-convection oven for about $1,2000.   Cost will be higher if you have to add ducting for an exhaust fan. 

    Ben Franklin told us that a penny saved is a penny earned. When you’re an RV-er those pennies can buy happier, safer miles as the years go by. 



Is full-time RV life in your future? We tell the story of our ten, happily homeless,  years on the go in Living Aboard Your RV, 4th Edition. As a travelwriter-photographer team, we earned a living while traveling in our 21-foot diesel Class C camper. Full-timing is no longer just for retirees. All full-timers have different tastes, travel goals and budgets, so read as many books on the topic as possible including ours.

See Janet Groene’s weekly RV Recipes of the Week and Campground Potluck Recipe of the Week at CampAndRVCook

    Janet Groene has no connection with this company nor its affiliates.


Bands come in a compact case with full workout instructions


They call them “booty bands. ”  The new set of 3D Active Fabric Resistance Bands is actually a complete workout in a small package that slips easily into your RV cupboard. Light, Medium and Heavy resistance bands can work you up from a beginner’s 15-30 pounds to an athletic 40-60 pounds. (The company also offers other sizes up to 110 pounds.)

 Resistance bands come in many sizes, shapes and prices but these  non-slip, non-curl 3D bands shine bright because of the whole-body workout routine pictures that come with the package. In no space at all, you can have a complete fitness regimen rain or shine, at home and away, even in the smallest RV. See the discount at



* According to WIBX,  the historic, 1,800-acre Woodstock  music festival grounds in Woodstock, New York will soon be a large campground. In true hippie style the campground will have yoga classes, sound baths, evening drum circles and campfire hootenannies. Plans include sites for every camping need from tents and RV’s to glampsites. An opening date has not been projected.

Fat Tire Festival

    * The annual Santos Fat Tire Festival attracts campers and bicyclists from throughout the South for days of contests, rides, bike clinics,  shopping the vendor village, swapping, entertainers,  networking, music and food. Check out the vehicle and tent camping rules and get your Festival package early.  This year’s dates are March 7-10 at the Santos Trails, 3080 Southeast 80th Street Ocala, Florida.  See (www.)

*A new campground has been approved for the southeastern corner of
Texas in Orange County near the Louisiana border on Texas 62 south of I-10.  Shadee RV Park will accommodate only RV’s not mobile homes and is expected to provide housing for workers who are developing nearby industries.

    * The 92-acre Stillwater RV Resort in
Winona,  Texas is now a member of the Five Points RV Resorts family. The full-service resort offers winter discounts, a lazy river, an adult  swimming pool with cabanas and swim-up bar, pickleball courts, spacious clubhouse, restaurant and bar. (903) 483-4414

* Is it time for Mardi Gras already? Sign up ASAP for the gala “Fat Tuesday” weekend at Fireside RV Resort in
Ponchatoula, Louisiana, where the good times will roll February 10  with a charity raffle, golf cart parade, kiddy crafts at mid-afternoon, a  lazy river duck race, site decorating contest and an evening DJ.  Reserve an RV site or cabin. (985) 277-1059. 


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BUY Your Own Campsite? + Latest RV Park News

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 SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THIS WEEK'S CAMPGROUND NEWS from our local sources in the US and Canada.





    Nightly rates, taxes and extra fees at RV parks and campgrounds are soaring. Is it time to buy your own land?




Does that empty lot allow for RV use?

Is this a good time to invest in your own land, time share or a deeded campsite in an RV park? 


    *It could be a wise investment as land prices increase. 

    * It’s yours when you want it. You might live there or  leave your RV and come and go as you please. 

    * When high standards are imposed by the land’s homeowner association or zoning,  the “neighborhood” maintains  its value.  

    * Financing is available.


    * It could be a lousy investment if real estate prices fall. 

    * You always camp in the same place. That’s  a good choice if it’s near your favorite fishing or hunting spot, family or place you never tire of,  but a poor choice for those with wanderlust.  

    * If it’s a time share, it’s available to you only during your time slot.  

    * Even if you rarely use the site you may be subject to ongoing expenses such as owner association fees,  real estate taxes, utilities, insurance. 

    *  Standards may be imposed, such as no RV older than X years or smaller than Y feet. After a few years your present RV may not meet the standards. 

    * Financing may not be available depending on the deal or your own credit history.


   *A managed resort campground with full facilities. Management may rent your site when you’re not there,  generating income for you. On the other hand, you may also be prohibited  from sub-letting. 

    * Time share. (You buy certain weeks to stay there and pay a yearly membership fee.)

    * Another choice is to buy membership in a campground network with many locations,  allowing you to tour the continent. Length of stay may be limited and co-pays apply. Membership may be transferable to a new owner or to your estate. Look at how many members the network has, and whether they are in areas you hope to visit. 



  * Bare land. Where zoning allows,  you might buy acreage.   Zoning permitting you can put in electrical power, a well and septic tank and have full-hookup while here.





 * Zoning could change, turning the area into something different from what you bought it for.

    * Land values fluctuate. Real estate prices can rely on many factors. For example, your campsite in a resort’s older area could be worth  less if the developer opens a new area in the same campground.  

    * Do your due diligence. The site could be in an area subject to flooding or forest fires.


See Janet Groene’s delicious shortcut recipes for RV travelers and campers at 



* The historic campground at Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama is about to get an $11 million facelift. The bad news is that the 120 campsites will be reduced to 80, but the good news is that larger, renovated sites will be able to accommodate more larger size units. New will be underground facilities, a swimming pool, paving and an office building. A completion date for the makeover has not been announced 

* Piney River Resort in Bon Aqua, Tennessee is spending $1 million to provide tons more camping for folks who love hills, rivers and fishing for trout and bass.  The resort will have 144 additional sites, a pet area, air-conditioned glamping sites, and RV sites with full hookups including 30/50 amps and free Wi-Fi.  (931) .996.3431

     * April 6 is Sports Day at Fireside RV Resort in Ponchtoula, Louisiana. Sign up for the
cornhole and horseshoe contests where winners get a $50 credit.  The full-service resort also has monthly Bingo Days and frequent concerts, discounts and special events.  (985) 277-1059

*  Butternut Woodlands Campground has new owners. The full-service, 40-acre campground in Renfrew, Pennsylvania has 300 campsites. For RV’s there are some pull-through sites with gravel pads. All RV sites have full hook-ups, fire ring, picnic table, cable and Wi-Fi.   Go to

    *The century-old Camp Richardson in South Tahoe Lake, California will reopen its iconic Beacon restaurant this year after a full renovation.  The popular beach resort complex has a hotel, general store, RV park, ice cream partlot inn, hotel, cabins and a mountain sports center.

* Severe weather events in later years have been hard on Port Dock 7 in Newport, Oregon. Now a major renovation is underway. Included will be new pilings for the dock and new design and expansion for the campground. Work, which will cost millions, is progressing in stages.



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Where is the Right RV Park for You?

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    RV travel is a different lifestyle for every woman who hits the road. Perhaps you travel for shopping or for business or to visit friends and relatives.  You might camp to follow bird migrations or NASCAR or your favorite baseball team or to research your family genealogy.  Some RV travelers “collect” national parks, golf courses,  roller coasters or Civil War battlefield sites.  

    The more deep research you do into finding your ideal campgrounds, the better. You can find directories for almost every lifestyle in camping, from nudist resorts to campgrounds for  stoners,  LGBTQ folks, swingers, hunters, anglers, people on the autism spectrum and skiers.

    Here’s where search engines come in. General campground guides are good but you will  need a special search for, say,  “equestrian campground” , “casino with RV park” , “clothing optional RV resort” or “campground with square dancing.”

    No matter how specialized your travel interests, there is surely a campground  just  for you.  Here are just some specialty areas that can mesh with your RV travel lifestyle.

Campgrounds for Horseback Riders

    Campgrounds with facilities for horses are found throughout North America in scenic areas that offer great camping as well as great rides. Some are private parks. Some state and national park campgrounds also have equestrian facilities. Some serve the rodeo or horse show circuits.
    Once Google finds your key words, “RV camping + equestrian” , you still need to know exactly what the place offers you and your mount. Amenities vary from basic hookups and stable facilities to resort features such as a swimming pool and extensive riding trails.


 For your horse, the campground may offer boarding, an arena and hot walkers. A negative coggins is required for all horses at equestrian campgrounds, and you’ll also need to look into what other requirements must be met as well as what services and facilities are available on site.


Campgrounds with Spa 


Long before the first European settlers came to North America, the natural healing of mineral hot springs was sought out by Native Americans. The word “spa” in connection with a campground could mean a full-service facility with massage and salon services or just a place to soak in warm mineral waters. Prices could range from modest to millionaire. Research carefully to get the type of campsite and also the kind of spa experience you seek. Many casino resorts have both spa and RV parks. 

Campgrounds with Casinos


  At least 21 states have legal casino gambling. Many casinos are luxury resorts with hotel, restaurants, retail shops AND a campground to accommodate RV travelers. Before you go, look into the total facility. Where is the campground on the property and how can you get around?  Can campers use the pool? Get the same deals and discounts as hotel guests?



  Most casinos are also glitzy resorts, so campers usually have access to a variety of resort services such as golf and restaurants but you may need a golf cart of shuttle bus to get around the complex.  

Campgrounds for Volunteers.

 If you travel to volunteer, hook up with the group first.  One such group is,  Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Service. They travel to do projects for churches and charities. 

Habitat.for Humanity, welcomes volunteers who can travel, bring their own housing with them, and hammer out new homes for the needy. Here the focus is on a short, intense work project, camaraderie and self-satisfaction of making a difference.



This is just a start of the specialty camping and RV travel available. Go for it!  

See Janet Groene’s shortcut recipes for RV and camping at



These news items are from local  media sources and may be premature or incomplete. Follow up for yourself as stories develop.

* It’s been off and on for a while, but for now approval has been given for a new, luxury RV park in Gulf Park Estates in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Stay tuned.

The future Kah-Nee-Ta Hot Springs Village Resort

* The shuttered Kah-Nee-Ta Hot Springs Village Resort in Warm Springs, Oregon will reopen next year as a grand resort with an eventual RV campground, hotel, an 18-hole golf course,  dining options, poolside cabanas, meeting spaces and the soaking tubs the resort has been known for. The planned 2023 reopening was delayed by weather. The resort is owned by the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. Since it will open in phases, RV travelers should keep tabs on facilities to make sure sites are available.

* Newly opened in Cape Coral, Florida, Encore Tranquility Lakes is a 200-acre resort with lakes,  500 full hook-up RV sites, a large clubhouse with fitness facilities and  billiards and cards room, a swimming pool and lap pool, hot rub, outdoor game courts and a dog park. Sites have concrete pads and 50-amp service.  See (www.)


   Come back next week for more news of future campgrounds, RV parks, openings, closures and  other hard news.

Friday, December 15, 2023

Find Your RV Dream Destination + Camping Good News/Bad News

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Where is YOUR RV Dream Destination?

Is it your dream to take off in an RV, discovering one gorgeous place after another, while making a living along the way?  Jennifer Barclay writes books that  will resonate with you. She few up in England, taught English at Oxford, then in Canada,  before she ended up on a picturebook Greek island.

 What does that have to do with choosing a place to go in your RV? 



Barclay’s  advice makes sense for any woman who yearns to break away and look for new horizons. Her book, Falling in Honey: How a Tiny Greek Island Stole My Heart, is a great armchair read for anyone, anywhere. 



    It’s also filled with inspiring and practical advice that applies to RV travel, such as:

Test Run Your Location: Spend two weeks to a month before committing long-term to a location. It will allow you time to work out logistics, and give your employer(s)  confidence that you can complete your work remotely. 


    Janet adds: One mistake made by new RV travelers is to travel too fast. It takes days to learn your way around a campground, weeks to learn the area and perhaps a lifetime to get in tune with the regional lifestyle. While you search for your dream destination, take time to experience its seasons, its politics, its norms. Whether you’re making a living over the Internet or finding temp work in each location, Barclay’s  advice about a test run makes good sense.

     One more thing. You are also being looked at. Campground landlords may want to look YOU over for a couple of weeks before offering you a monthly or seasonal rate. Some even do a background check.

Be Prepared to Downsize: You may have to scale back your expectations and accept less pay. But, your expenses are also likely to be lower and you’ll have more time to explore other streams of income. 


 Paradise Comes With Power Cuts: Living in an exotic location can also mean that vital utilities can be spotty. Keep the laptop charged and loaded with tasks that don’t require Internet.

     Janet adds: Although your RV will have its own power sources (battery bank, solar, inverter, hookup, generator) reliable energy is crucial to most travel lifestyles. Keep your backups in good order in case the campground or the grid go down.

Stay Connected: It’s important to make time to chat with business connections, colleagues and counterparts and others who understand your career, via Skype, Facebook or email.  Barclay recommends building a network of associates who also work remotely. This will help at times when you’re missing happy hour or coffee with colleagues.

    Janet adds: This makes sense for RV travelers too. Thanks to the many social networks available you can join groups connected with your travels, your RV, your business and your loved ones.

Enjoy Your Lunch Break!: Barclay often swims in the sea on her lunch break, takes her morning coffee in the town square, walks by the bay and picks fresh herbs for dinner when her workday is done. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  Janet adds: When you're self-employed it's tempting to grind 24/7, but do take time to enjoy the destination. 


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*  Dry camping is free in a special area seven miles from the three-day  Sedona, Arizona  Mountain Bike Festival, scheduled for March 8-10. A blockbuster expo and festival, the  event will have bike demos, shuttles from camping and lodging areas, bands, food trucks,  a beer garden, clinics and 250 miles of killer singletrack rides. Although the camping area has no facilities, sign-up is required. You also need to register early for the festival. Https:// 

* New owners at the Forsyth KOA, Forsyth, Georgia,  plan to maintain a steady course of full-service RV camping in this growing area between Atlanta and Macon. The part has 132 RV sites, ten tent sites and cabins plus a dog park,  fish pond and a playground. . Planned improvements include upgrades to roads and campsites,  and renovations to structures.

* Fort Gratiot Township, Michigan is about to get a new campground, trails and more recreational facilities thanks to a $600K state grant.  The RV campground is said to cover 100 acres. Stay tuned.

    * Near Dothan at New Brockton, Alabama, Bama Slam park is permanently closed and its employees laid off. The popular recreation site had an RV campground, mud park, water park  and saloon.

* Riverside RV Park is coming to Carter County, Tennessee in the Appalachian foothills. To open next spring on the Watauga River, the 71-space RV park will have full hookups, firewood and other supplies at the camp store, a fire ring at each site, paved roads, private restrooms with showers, a laundry, playground, pet park and a two-acre greenspace for outdoor games . Go to the temporary website,  (Www.) to keep tabs on the construction, then grab reservations early.

* New in Coachella, California, the Coachella RV Lakes RV Resort has opened the first phase of a posh resort. So far it has 90 RV spaces plus eight park models. Play the 18-hole putting course, enjoy entertainments at the clubhouse and use the fitness center 24/seven. A total vacation site, the resort has hot tubs, an amphitheater, playground, five lakes a dog park and pickleball. Phase two will open next year.

    *Tangi Pines Family Campground in Robert, Louisiana,  with 417 RV sites,  has a new owner and a TV contract! Watch for a show called “Cabin Wars” as the new owner renovates the park’s 77 cabins. Improvements will also include a zip line, bicycle paths, a lazy river, poolside bar and grill, a ropes course, mini bowling and a playground. Stay tuned at


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