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BUY Your Own Campsite? + Latest RV Park News

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    Nightly rates, taxes and extra fees at RV parks and campgrounds are soaring. Is it time to buy your own land?




Does that empty lot allow for RV use?

Is this a good time to invest in your own land, time share or a deeded campsite in an RV park? 


    *It could be a wise investment as land prices increase. 

    * It’s yours when you want it. You might live there or  leave your RV and come and go as you please. 

    * When high standards are imposed by the land’s homeowner association or zoning,  the “neighborhood” maintains  its value.  

    * Financing is available.


    * It could be a lousy investment if real estate prices fall. 

    * You always camp in the same place. That’s  a good choice if it’s near your favorite fishing or hunting spot, family or place you never tire of,  but a poor choice for those with wanderlust.  

    * If it’s a time share, it’s available to you only during your time slot.  

    * Even if you rarely use the site you may be subject to ongoing expenses such as owner association fees,  real estate taxes, utilities, insurance. 

    *  Standards may be imposed, such as no RV older than X years or smaller than Y feet. After a few years your present RV may not meet the standards. 

    * Financing may not be available depending on the deal or your own credit history.


   *A managed resort campground with full facilities. Management may rent your site when you’re not there,  generating income for you. On the other hand, you may also be prohibited  from sub-letting. 

    * Time share. (You buy certain weeks to stay there and pay a yearly membership fee.)

    * Another choice is to buy membership in a campground network with many locations,  allowing you to tour the continent. Length of stay may be limited and co-pays apply. Membership may be transferable to a new owner or to your estate. Look at how many members the network has, and whether they are in areas you hope to visit. 



  * Bare land. Where zoning allows,  you might buy acreage.   Zoning permitting you can put in electrical power, a well and septic tank and have full-hookup while here.





 * Zoning could change, turning the area into something different from what you bought it for.

    * Land values fluctuate. Real estate prices can rely on many factors. For example, your campsite in a resort’s older area could be worth  less if the developer opens a new area in the same campground.  

    * Do your due diligence. The site could be in an area subject to flooding or forest fires.


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* The historic campground at Noccalula Falls in Gadsden, Alabama is about to get an $11 million facelift. The bad news is that the 120 campsites will be reduced to 80, but the good news is that larger, renovated sites will be able to accommodate more larger size units. New will be underground facilities, a swimming pool, paving and an office building. A completion date for the makeover has not been announced 

* Piney River Resort in Bon Aqua, Tennessee is spending $1 million to provide tons more camping for folks who love hills, rivers and fishing for trout and bass.  The resort will have 144 additional sites, a pet area, air-conditioned glamping sites, and RV sites with full hookups including 30/50 amps and free Wi-Fi.  (931) .996.3431

     * April 6 is Sports Day at Fireside RV Resort in Ponchtoula, Louisiana. Sign up for the
cornhole and horseshoe contests where winners get a $50 credit.  The full-service resort also has monthly Bingo Days and frequent concerts, discounts and special events.  (985) 277-1059

*  Butternut Woodlands Campground has new owners. The full-service, 40-acre campground in Renfrew, Pennsylvania has 300 campsites. For RV’s there are some pull-through sites with gravel pads. All RV sites have full hook-ups, fire ring, picnic table, cable and Wi-Fi.   Go to

    *The century-old Camp Richardson in South Tahoe Lake, California will reopen its iconic Beacon restaurant this year after a full renovation.  The popular beach resort complex has a hotel, general store, RV park, ice cream partlot inn, hotel, cabins and a mountain sports center.

* Severe weather events in later years have been hard on Port Dock 7 in Newport, Oregon. Now a major renovation is underway. Included will be new pilings for the dock and new design and expansion for the campground. Work, which will cost millions, is progressing in stages.



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