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Find Your RV Dream Destination + Camping Good News/Bad News

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Where is YOUR RV Dream Destination?

Is it your dream to take off in an RV, discovering one gorgeous place after another, while making a living along the way?  Jennifer Barclay writes books that  will resonate with you. She few up in England, taught English at Oxford, then in Canada,  before she ended up on a picturebook Greek island.

 What does that have to do with choosing a place to go in your RV? 



Barclay’s  advice makes sense for any woman who yearns to break away and look for new horizons. Her book, Falling in Honey: How a Tiny Greek Island Stole My Heart, is a great armchair read for anyone, anywhere. 



    It’s also filled with inspiring and practical advice that applies to RV travel, such as:

Test Run Your Location: Spend two weeks to a month before committing long-term to a location. It will allow you time to work out logistics, and give your employer(s)  confidence that you can complete your work remotely. 


    Janet adds: One mistake made by new RV travelers is to travel too fast. It takes days to learn your way around a campground, weeks to learn the area and perhaps a lifetime to get in tune with the regional lifestyle. While you search for your dream destination, take time to experience its seasons, its politics, its norms. Whether you’re making a living over the Internet or finding temp work in each location, Barclay’s  advice about a test run makes good sense.

     One more thing. You are also being looked at. Campground landlords may want to look YOU over for a couple of weeks before offering you a monthly or seasonal rate. Some even do a background check.

Be Prepared to Downsize: You may have to scale back your expectations and accept less pay. But, your expenses are also likely to be lower and you’ll have more time to explore other streams of income. 


 Paradise Comes With Power Cuts: Living in an exotic location can also mean that vital utilities can be spotty. Keep the laptop charged and loaded with tasks that don’t require Internet.

     Janet adds: Although your RV will have its own power sources (battery bank, solar, inverter, hookup, generator) reliable energy is crucial to most travel lifestyles. Keep your backups in good order in case the campground or the grid go down.

Stay Connected: It’s important to make time to chat with business connections, colleagues and counterparts and others who understand your career, via Skype, Facebook or email.  Barclay recommends building a network of associates who also work remotely. This will help at times when you’re missing happy hour or coffee with colleagues.

    Janet adds: This makes sense for RV travelers too. Thanks to the many social networks available you can join groups connected with your travels, your RV, your business and your loved ones.

Enjoy Your Lunch Break!: Barclay often swims in the sea on her lunch break, takes her morning coffee in the town square, walks by the bay and picks fresh herbs for dinner when her workday is done. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

  Janet adds: When you're self-employed it's tempting to grind 24/7, but do take time to enjoy the destination. 


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*  Dry camping is free in a special area seven miles from the three-day  Sedona, Arizona  Mountain Bike Festival, scheduled for March 8-10. A blockbuster expo and festival, the  event will have bike demos, shuttles from camping and lodging areas, bands, food trucks,  a beer garden, clinics and 250 miles of killer singletrack rides. Although the camping area has no facilities, sign-up is required. You also need to register early for the festival. Https:// 

* New owners at the Forsyth KOA, Forsyth, Georgia,  plan to maintain a steady course of full-service RV camping in this growing area between Atlanta and Macon. The part has 132 RV sites, ten tent sites and cabins plus a dog park,  fish pond and a playground. . Planned improvements include upgrades to roads and campsites,  and renovations to structures.

* Fort Gratiot Township, Michigan is about to get a new campground, trails and more recreational facilities thanks to a $600K state grant.  The RV campground is said to cover 100 acres. Stay tuned.

    * Near Dothan at New Brockton, Alabama, Bama Slam park is permanently closed and its employees laid off. The popular recreation site had an RV campground, mud park, water park  and saloon.

* Riverside RV Park is coming to Carter County, Tennessee in the Appalachian foothills. To open next spring on the Watauga River, the 71-space RV park will have full hookups, firewood and other supplies at the camp store, a fire ring at each site, paved roads, private restrooms with showers, a laundry, playground, pet park and a two-acre greenspace for outdoor games . Go to the temporary website,  (Www.) to keep tabs on the construction, then grab reservations early.

* New in Coachella, California, the Coachella RV Lakes RV Resort has opened the first phase of a posh resort. So far it has 90 RV spaces plus eight park models. Play the 18-hole putting course, enjoy entertainments at the clubhouse and use the fitness center 24/seven. A total vacation site, the resort has hot tubs, an amphitheater, playground, five lakes a dog park and pickleball. Phase two will open next year.

    *Tangi Pines Family Campground in Robert, Louisiana,  with 417 RV sites,  has a new owner and a TV contract! Watch for a show called “Cabin Wars” as the new owner renovates the park’s 77 cabins. Improvements will also include a zip line, bicycle paths, a lazy river, poolside bar and grill, a ropes course, mini bowling and a playground. Stay tuned at


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