Friday, November 6, 2020

RV Women See New Normal for Better or Worse

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Campground Briefs


    In this new feature for seasoned RV-ers as well as newbies, we look at the “new normal” in RV camping. ALWAYS CHECK AHEAD BY PHONE FOR CURRENT CONDITIONS IN THE CAMPGROUND AND SURROUNDING AREA.

* Red Alert! This warning just in from a reader newly returned to his home state from camping in New Mexico to fish the San Juan River. He says, “The Governor has reinforced the ban against any out of state campers in any of the State Parks in the State of New Mexico. The Park Rangers are actually checking drivers licenses of all vehicles with out of state tags and if you are caught in the camp grounds or on the river in the State Park the fine is $250.00 {includes court fees).” This reader said he had to stay at a campground outside State Park property. 

    * You may feel at home in a campsite but that doesn’t mean you can have friends in. Campsites have a size limit and a people limit. Non-registered people who want to visit your site will be evicted (and you may be too).

    * There’s usually a limit on how many  units are permitted per campsites. Say you have a tow truck, a travel trailer and a pop-up tent for the kids. A car and two tents? An RV plus a tent and you also tow a boat? Will you be charged extra?

RV News to Use

    * Clark Howard has just posted remote jobs for the holidays. Some of them may be right for women who live and travel in an RV and are equipped to work remotely. See


    * It’s always smart to have a pet carrier with you in the RV for emergencies. Evacuation? A visit to the vet? An outdoor shelter SAFE FROM BUGS AND THE SUN? Keep your cat or small dog safe in the campground with this airy, expendable, durable tough carrier for under $40. Folds flat to 1 ½ inches for easy storage.  


   * Does someone in your family need to go cold turkey on wireless? Green Bank, West Virginia, actually bans  cell phones, wi-fi, or other kinds of modern technology due to a high-tech government telescope. The nearest campgrounds are in Durbin, Bartow and Dunmore WV. 





    * A new kind of medical and ID bracelet is a way to have your medical information with you at all times, available yet private. Using the simple instructions, you input the USB only with the information you want to provide such as a list of your medications or your emergency contacts.  There’s plenty of room for much more, depending on what you want to put on it. You’re in control, so you can update or delete any time.  There is no monthly fee, it’s password protected and it’s weatherproof. It looks like one of those expensive fitness bracelets but it costs only $29.95.  Call (844) 731-8091 or go to  



Women get it. The new Yacht Yenta cozy mystery series by Farley Halladay on Kindle speaks to a woman's heart. Farley is a widow who copes, cooks, solves crimes as she remember her travels with her husband. There are now five books, January through May. Start in the middle with March Malice, then you'll want to read the rest.






    * Do you use your RV to volunteer for a charity? Here are some costs you can deduct according to H&R Block.

    * Away-from-home travel expenses while performing services for a charity However, these expenses aren’t deductible if there’s a significant element of personal pleasure associated with the travel, or if the services for a charity involve lobbying activities.

    * The cost of entertaining others on behalf of a charity, such as wining and dining a potential large contributor — but the cost of the volunteer’s own entertainment or meal is not deductible.

    * If you use you RV you may deduct their actual unreimbursed expenses directly attributable to the services, such as gas and oil costs. Alternatively, they may deduct a flat $0.14 per mile for charitable use of their vehicle.

    * Volunteers can deduct the cost of a uniform worn when doing volunteer work for a charity, as long as the uniform has no general utility (e.g., a volunteer ambulance worker’s jumpsuit).

    Keep careful records of dates, figures, miles, then see your tax advisors.


    * The new UV sanitation wands are a plus for RV travelers and this one does a lot in without taking up much space. . With the wave of a wand you can sanitize wash done in the public laundry or the picnic table or the grocery bags you bring into the RV. This one uses four AA batteries, a plus for users who prefer batteries over the need to add yet another rechargeable  appliance.




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