Friday, September 4, 2020

Space Stretch Your Motorhome, RV Bathroom

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Furnish Your RV Bathroom 

    What’s in your RV bathroom?  With luck it has a flush toilet, sink and at least a wand shower if not a tub or separate shower. If you have cupboard space to store towels and extra toilet tissue, plus a medicine cabinet with mirror, better still.

    How can you make the most of this space? 

    * As a solo woman, the storage spaces are all your own. If others travel with you it may be better for each person to have a personal toilet kit to bring into the bathroom, hang up for use, then stow it with their other personal gear. The advantage is that this kit is always ready to go the campground showers too. The new kits hold an entire drug store, yet hang up with one hook. I like the lineup of sizes and types offered by L.L. Bean.


Get better air circulation with a mesh bag

*On the first night out, you take off your socks and discover that RV designers probably left no space for a laundry hamper. If there is one, it’s probably small and poorly ventilated. In customizing an RV for your own needs, find a good system for dirty clothes, such as a laundry bag that can be stowed anywhere.

Add-on towel racks come in many sizes, types

    * RV’s never have enough towel racks you need   need plenty of space to spread out damp towels, the bath mat, wash cloths and hand laundry. Shop for all the types available from temporary over-door racks to screw-on types.

    * Add a second shower curtain rod to serve as a drying rack. A spring-loaded shower rod fits almost any available space. They come in tub/closet  size or stall size. To dry light items, use an inexpensive spring-loaded curtain rod.


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   *Your shower curtain can also be a decorator plus. Look for eye candy that makes the bathroom look brighter, more roomy. Bonus point: A shower curtain makes an affordable curtain anywhere such as closing off the cockpit from the living area.

    * News flash. Many campgrounds do not permit drying of towels, swim suits or laundry outside. Retractable clothesline reels are sold in camping supply stores. When not in use they zip back into their own small, wall-mounted reel. 

The line is flimsy but  suitable for  swim suits and lingerie.


Too heavy and it shifts with road motion

   * Wire shelf units that hang over plumbing fixtures aren’t a good idea in an RV.  The weight of shampoo bottles and body washes puts extra load on the delicate plumbing. Swaying with road motion, the unit also etches the  shower stall surface. Don’t trust suction cup storage units either, especially with heavy or breakable bottles. They can break loose on bumpy roads. 
    * A wall-mounted hair dryer is a convenience and space saver if you have juice to run it. Ideally it will run off 12 volts, 110 volts, either or both. Hair dryers made for overseas also run on 220V.

    * The shower pan or tub are probably fiberglass. Protect the tender surface with a rubber mat.   

    * Use fabrics and soft goods to soften the look and feel of a small bath and to deaden sound. Add a plush toilet lid cover, rug, bathmat,  a cotton shower curtain rather than plastic and fabric window coverings rather than clattery blinds.


   * The more ventilation and soundproofing you can provide in the bathroom, the better for privacy, mildew and odor control. It's also less claustrophobic. If the bathroom isn’t wired for a fan install one that is solar powered

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