Friday, September 11, 2020

RV Repairs Tips for the Fumble Fingered

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    When YOU are the RV Ms.  Fixit

    Some woman can repair anything.  Other women are specialists in one area such as electrical, but may  but need help with, say, engines or plumbing. 
Even so, you can’t carry everything in your RV that you may need to do the job.


    This week’s post is about tools to have on board, even if you don’t know what to do with them. These are tools that you may need or may needed by Good Samaritans who help you on the road or at your campsite.

    * A long clothesline and spring clothespins. Even though many campgrounds prohibit outdoor clotheslines, rope comes in handy for many things. Cut off what you need as you go.  Clothes pins do pinching tasks such as closing the potato chip bag.


    * A folding shovel to dig out of sand or mud, manage a campfire, dig a trench toilet.  Duck tape. Moisture dispersant spray, corrosion inhibitor, lubricant. Super glues, caulks and gasket maker goo can solve a lot of problems but watch expiration dates.



    * A sturdy broom is handy for sweeping the cement pad that comes with most campsites. Camping and boating supply stores sell a cleaning “system” that consists of one long handle that can be used with broom, mop and squeegee attachments.

    *  If you have room to carry a metal garden rake  (not a plastic leaf rake), it’s a nice tool for cleaning up the campsite including raking out the campfire. 

Under $10

* A tire pump or small compressor for bicycle tires and other inflatable items such as an air mattress, swim toy,  blow-up boat. 

    * A variety of flashlights large and small for getting at places where trouble occurs. Emergency roadside lighting and reflectors in case of breakdown.

    * A tire  pressure gauge, preferably with a waterproof tag attached listing pressures required in all tires in your RV life. 

    *Zip ties in a variety of sizes. They stow flat and do so much.

    * Sturdy leather work gloves that fit well plus disposable gloves for temporary work.


    * A multi meter is essential for diagnosing electrical ills from AAA batteries to appliances.

Emergencies happen. Be ready for the next power outage, evacuation or  quarantine with an ample pantry. See Survival Food Handbook, a guide to supermarket staples for your emergency shelf at home and on the go. Contains lists, tips and how-to for special situations such as no ice, water shortage, flood, no fire.

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