Friday, August 21, 2020

RV Women Go Fishing

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RV Camping 

    Surveys say that America’s favorite outdoor sport is fishing, and that goes double for RV campers.  
     These days it’s the ultimate way to social distance, to muse and meditate, to be in touch with nature and, best of all, to haul in a great meal.
    Picture yourself as a Hemingway, cranking in a sport fish, or snoozing in the sunshine while holding a cane pole by the side of a creek,  or casting for trout in an icy mountain stream. It’s easy to get hooked, pardon the pun.
    Here are some tips on adding angling to your  RV camping skills. 

    * If you’re a seasoned and avid angler, perhaps even a tournament angler, you’ve probably amassed your own tackle over time and wouldn’t travel without it. You know your reels, line sizes, flies, lures to fit your fishing style and the waters you favor. 

    You’ll need safe, dry storage space on board the RV  for your own gear, which could run into a sizeable pile of waders, life jackets and a baitwell.  For rod storage, look into long-narrow spaces such as rooftop box or full-width basement bin. 

    * If you’re a sometime angler or just starting out, check out campgrounds that offer tackle loan or rental. In many areas, fishing guides with boats are available on or near the campground.They supply everything you need for the day half day. 

    * If you tow a boat, does the campground have dock rental? Launch facilities? Does the lake have horsepower limits?  Many small boats can be carried in or on an RV. We once spent a three-week vacation in our 21-foot RV with an 8-foot inflatable boat and 9 HP motor on board. 

     * If you prefer to fish from dry land, does the campground have a fishing pier or areas that are good for surf fishing?

    * Will you need to buy a license or permit?  Rules vary by age and residency.  Some campgrounds have stocked ponds on private property and do not require a license. Fishing may be free or fee, and may be catch-and-release only.

    * As a traveler you’ll encounter different rules by state and by season. Check ahead with local fishing reports. What is biting where? Bans and size limits may have changed since your last trip. 

    * Some fish camps will clean and cook the catch for you.


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Here from Bass Pro Shop
are the basic rules of

    Do clean up after yourself. ...
       Don't crowd other boats. ...
   Do give your fellow fisherman some space. ...
    Don't cross another angler's line. ...
  Do observe regulations and catch limits. ...
    Don't get caught without a fishing license.


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