Friday, July 31, 2020

Women, Motorhomes and Money Matters

Women, Money Matters and Motorhomes

    * Consider getting a PayPal account for quick, easy money transfers from anywhere to anywhere worldwide. Sign-up is free. Transaction fees are modest.

    * If you have a small safe on board, have it bolted to the frame so a smash-and-grab thief can’t run off with it.

    * Before choosing a bank ATM network for travel, look into how many locations it has and where they are. When you’re far from home, cash counts. 

    * Ditto cell phone coverage. Check coverage for places you’ll be traveling. 

    * If you’re in a mobile business in your RV, sign up for the most useful business account for home and on the road. The Amazon Business Account is free and offers innumerable options and conveniences no matter where you are. Sell a product? They will drop-ship for you. Need payment options? Quantity discounts? Office supplies sent to one campground this week and another one next week?  Get details at


     * Where possible take advantage of mid-week rates, which may require a minimum three- or four-night booking.  You might, for example, stay in free or cheap spots on weekends and splurge during the week on a camping resort with spa and golf.

    * Reservations are almost essential these days but watch your step. Some are non-refundable, some are refundable but the reservation fee is not, and others are refundable only if you cancel within a stated time frame, which varies from part to park.  If you are buying separate tickets for, say, a music festival with camping, note that cancellation rules for camping reservations and the concert tickets may be different. 

    * is a network of more than 1,400 farms and wineries that allow free overnight stays for self-contained RV’s. Some may offer electric hookup but no facilities are offered and you may be expected to buy something that the place sells, such as wine, cheese or produce. Membership is $79 a year.

    * is also a membership organization. For $50 a year you’ll be put in touch with people who have a parking space to offer,  usually for one night, on their property. Some offer electric or other hook-ups but you must be self-contained and expect nothing more than a safe place to park. If you have a place to offer, join free as a host.

    * Membership in or comes with countless discounts, benefits, services such as road rescue and messaging,  bargains and perks. Campground discounts are only one of the many reasons to join., which has its own network of campgrounds, is one of the most valuable memberships for full-timers.

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