Friday, July 24, 2020

RV, Motorhome Decor for Big Living, Small Space

Employ color, lighting and imagination in RV decor


 by janet groene, copyright 2020

   Your RV may be short of space but there's always room for creativity and for making a stock RV your own. Unlike other small living spaces, however, your RV moves and that means everything has to be firmly secured and aware of the G forces involved in turns and quick stops.
    Here are points to consider:

    * Look up for eye appeal, not storage space for heavy items. When enhancing the look of an RV’s living space, keep weight and balance in mind.  Think Center of Gravity, the grip on the road. This home will travel at 55 MPH, turn corners, make abrupt stops. Yet the living seems to much more pinched when your eye is always drawn downward so...

Light only what you want to light

Trick the eye with focussed lighting


   * Don’t over-do the under-sizing. Under-size furniture may fit better but this is living comfort that you’re looking for, places to sit, sleep and eat. Another way to reduce size is to look for sleep designs that minimize the fancy styling, stuffing and sculpting and provide full-size comforts in convertible furniture.


Many choices are available in acoustic panel wall art that also damps noise

  * Draw the eye upward with lighter colors, eye catching  wall art or wall-washer lighting. Consider wall art that also dampens noises underway and in crowded campgrounds. Search online for "acoustic wall art". 
    *Don’t ignore lighting. Light is a powerful tool in decorating and it’s completely in your control.  Simply put, you can focus the eyes here instead of there. For example, a harsh overhead light over the dining table may highlight the meal or the card game 
but it casts unflattering shadows on faces. Candlelight at eye level, on the other hand, enhances both. 

With track lighting you can redirect beams as needed


    The light may be a bright beam over a work area or reading chair, or soft lighting in a room where the main focus is on the TV. Select placement, the size and type of bulbs, the light spectrum,  and the direction of the beam.
A simple curtain is eye catching yet lightweight

* Windows are a large blank slate where you can add eye appeal.  However, window coverings must also provide privacy at times, and a good view at other times.


Wall-mount vases and planters are available online in dozens of colors, sizes and styles

   * Don’t forget greenery. The last thing you need rattling around in your RV on the road is a pot filled with dirt,  but you can have vases that fix firmly to a wall. Plants make for healthier air too. Look online for "wall vase" or "wall planter".

    * Don’t overlook the power of color, proportion and perhaps a a coup l’oeil mural. Bring the decor together with like colors and separate areas with different colors. For example, you might delineate the galley/sink area in a small RV by carving out a small apron of tile flooring that can take more spills and abuse than the adjoining carpeting or wood laminate. Online find dozens of styles of eye-tricking wall art as wallpaper or decals.  

* Think  of the RV shower curtain as an opportunity for a fashion statement. 

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