Friday, November 15, 2019

RV travel gets you there with your own bed and breakfast

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Money /Time/Space
Saving RV Trips


    Get your FREE KINDLE APP now. Kindle books are usually cheaper than hardbacks and many paperbacks. Many new books are available only in e-book.. Many e-books can be downloaded free at read Kindle books on your laptop,, tablet or phone, all you need is an Amazon Kindle account to get yours free.

    Libraries offer many free audio books via download. Tag sales are a goldmine of inexpensive books on CD. If your older  RV still has a CD player, load up!

Catch up with Janet Groene's Yacht Yenta e-book mystery series under her pen name, Farley Halladay. Farley is a widow who has an online business booking charterboats. Meet her wacky friends, her recipes, the crimes she solves, the seven seas she visits vicariously every day. 

January Justice

February Felony

March Malice

Free National Park Days

    Save this list! The National Park Service has released the dates of free entry next year to national parks. They are

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 20
National Junior Ranger Day, April 18
National Park Service Birthday, August 25
National Public Lands day, September 26
Veterans Day, November 11

Avoid Cancellation Fees
    Campgrounds are trying to keep up with the growing demand for campsites, but it’s more important than ever to have reservations. That almost always means providing a credit card number. The two costliest hidden snags in the system are (1) transaction fees, which are charged by some campground reservations systems in addition to camping fees, and (2) cancellation fees.

     If you cancel after the deadline or don’t show up at all your credit card is charged. Transaction fees are usually not refunded even if you cancel on time. 

Easiest Gift Giving

Get the latest best sellers

Give this gift from anywhere to anywhere, any size, any age or gender, all price ranges and no postage. It's the ultimate gift for yourself or an RV-er, commuter, trucker. Amazon Audio Books membership is available for $15 a month or for 6,9, or 12 months ($90).  Amazon will send the notification to the gift recipient and they can choose the starting date.


    Camping discounts at state parks vary state by state but usually apply to active, retired or disabled military, seniors over a certain age such as 62 or 65 and state residents.
   Senior discounts may be found at commercial campgrounds (it pays to ask) but it’s more likely that you can get a weekly, monthly or seasonal discount (that may require payment in advance.) National park discounts are available nationwide.  

Stocking Stuffer Gift

    Make gift giving easier when you’re on the go on camping trips at the busiest time of the year. Amazon offers this adorable “piggy” bank for under $20 showing a tent camping scene. The banks are durable, attractive ceramic with custom designs for camping and  almost any other theme on your gift list, and who doesn’t love a piggy bank for loose change? Amazon will wrap and send for you. 

Fits all sizes, all genders, all ages.

Get a Free Test Run

    Campsite sales, time shares and memberships are usually offered by high-pressure sales people, often with enticements such as a few free nights or some cheesy gift. (I was offered a 9-piece set of cheap canvas “luggage”) Give RV camping six months to a year before committing to long-term contracts.take the freebie but leave without signing so you can read the contract with your eyes wide open.

Bring in Professionals Where Needed

    DIY talents can save a lot of money but so can a professional intervention, especially jobs that come with a guarantee (such as a roof resurfacing)  or access to the best materials and applications (such as window film). I bring in a professional cleaner once a year or so for the carpet and upholstery. 

My friends' big RV has  granite counter tops, real leather upholstery and hardwood flooring. They have them professionally maintained every few years.

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