Friday, January 11, 2019

RV Women Chat With RV Women

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 Wise Words from Women in RV-ing

    We went to the RV Aftermarket Association, RVAA to see what advice women in the RV industry have for the rest of us. Here’s what we heard from Candice Kay,  Marketing Director at Torklift International.

    Janet Groene: What tips would you give to women who travel in an RV or live in one full-time?  What should they bring, learn ahead of time, know about travel safety, etc.

    Candice: If you're towing, know and understand proper weight distribution  to ensure your tongue weight is within safe limits to prevent accidents and equipment failure.

    Janet: That’s great advice.If you have a motorhome it's also important to weigh it tire by tire to make sure the load is evenly distributed side to side, front to rear. Many RV owners don't realize that this four-point weighing option is available.  Can you suggest any product must-haves that an RV woman  would need?

    Candice: Get Torklift International’s GlowGuide Handrail. It replaces your factory grab handle with a safer option that extends the length of the RV steps. It glows in the dark.  It can be detached and used as a flexible, long-reach handle for the wash brush.

 Also look into Torklift International’s Fortress Gas Lock to lock up exterior propane tanks that are often stolen.  Also look into Torklift International’s Hidden Power underbed battery mount. It allows for constant trickle charge to your spare batteries to ensure that you don't run out of power while on the road.

    Janet: Thank you, Candice! We also talked to Donna, a national sales manager for a company that specializes in starter kits with basics such as a handy bucket filled with a drinking water  hose, 30/15 amp electrical adapter, drain houses with adapter, RV toilet paper, toilet treatments and such. The company's starter kits are available for different types of RV, starting with pop-ups trailers. 

Janet: what tips to you have for women who have RV,s, especially women who want to travel full-time?

    Donna: Always read the manuals that come with your RV and all of its components. It’s important to know your RV’s limitations.

    Janet: You’re so right. One of the problems in buying a used RV is to see that it comes with all written warranties plus manuals for systems, appliances, drive train, tires, every component from the built-in GPS to the toaster oven. If manuals are missing, negotiate a better price if possible. You may be able to find manuals online but sometimes they come at a price. They’re essential to you as user and also to your mechanic, electrician or plumber.  If written warranties are missing, it’s a red flag

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