Friday, May 11, 2018

Beating the High Price of RV Fuel

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Fuel for Thought

        Fuel prices are inching towards $4 a gallon and may already have passed  that in your area. 
It’s time to take another look at ways to save fuel money when driving your RV.

* The largest portion of your fuel dollar goes to state, county and federal fees and taxes. When you’re on a cross country trip, use an app such as Gas Buddy to check the next state’s fuel prices as you approach each border. It may pay to tank up before you leave one state, or wait until you’re in the next one.  

* Look at a map of your area and find all the camping parks, resorts and boondocking places available within 25 or 50 miles. There will be more sites, with a better variety of things to do there,  than you expect. Discover all the new close-to-home places where you can have a camping weekend. 

* Some experts recommend adding an extra fuel tank. The advantage is that you stop less often and can take a large load of fuel when you find a good price. With a big rig you might also qualify for bulk discounts.  On the minus side, it costs money to haul around this added weight.

* The old rule still applies. Keep the engine in tune and tires at optimum pressure. 

* New apps and GPS make it easy to plan the shortest route between waypoints. Interstates versus two-lane highways? The slow lane saves gas but means more stops and starts. 

* Free apps for finding the cheapest fuel in any area include, and mapquest fuel prices. 

* Pilot and Flying J fuel stations are popular with RV-ers for providing truck stop services such as large car wash, overnight parking, discount programs, showers and other conveniences. Sign up for the myRewards program. 

* Which credit card to use? That’s a huge puzzle and the scene changes constantly.  We all use cards for different reasons so it’s a personal decision. You might use one card to gain airline miles,  another for low interest rate, another for a cash back bonus.  Walmart’s credit card provides an easy discount at a large number of stops. Your card may offer up to 5% cashback at all times, but watch it. When the receipt says “Jiffy Food Store” it  may not be recognized as a fuel purchase. 

* As you travel keep an eye out for local practices and specials such as  supermarket chains that sell fuel, or will sometimes sell $50 fuel credit card for $40 when you spend  X dollars on groceries. 

The dollars you spend on RV travel are just part of the picture and they are dollars well spent. 

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