Friday, April 13, 2018

Pet Travel for RV, Camper, Motorhome Travelers

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Pets on Board
For many women, the most important RV travel companion is a snuggly cat (that doubles as a mouser) or a dog that also serves as a burglar alarm and body guard. If you love your pet it’s a heavy responsibility to keep it safe and healthy on the go and also keep it from annoying campground neighbors.

A beloved pet needs food, water, exercise and shots. In the campground it must play by the rules and also be protected against natural hazards such as snakes, poisonous plants, wild animals and other pets that may have broken loose. (I once had a scare when a campground  neighbor’s dog got loose and  tried to get at Gypsy through the RV's screen door.) 

For both you and your pet there are new challenges each time you move on. Every stop opens the door on different scenes, sights and sniffs. It must be confusing.

Your pet probably wants to be outdoors with you when you’re working or relaxing around the campsite. You could tie it to a stake (here’s one made by Coleman  Or use some type of enclosure.

The enclosure must be tall enough, large enough and strong enough for the pet, which can make for a very large and heavy fence to carry in an RV. Compromises must be made. 

Here’s where the Kritter Kondo comes in. Lisa Illman is a “litten smitten” cat lover who invented the Kritter Kondo line of folding outdoor enclosures for pets. They come in many sizes and colors and they fold up to stow for travel. They weigh only 21 to 33 pounds. Various configurations are available. Accessories include sunshades to cover all or part of the top of the enclosure.  See the Kritter Kondo here.

Kitter Condo sizes are best for cats and smaller dogs, which can rest or play inside. It’s no substitute for exercise  I wouldn’t let any pet outside alone, even in an enclosure. Other pets or wild creatures could be a danger and, with a soft enclosure, there is always the chance your pet would chew its way out.

The Kritter Kondo is light to carry and handle, attractive, a snap to put up and stow in its own carrying case,  and an excellent value that should last for years. 

Two other products go everywhere with us.  Gypsy immediately took to drinking out of this stainless steel water carrier when we are on a hike. I also keep this spill-proof water bowl filled for her in the RV at all times.

For her safety and mine, I also put her in a seat belt underway. She hates it but soon settles down and snoozes. We stop often, at least every 60 to 90 minutes, which is also good for me as well as for her. Doggie seat belt, 

Note: While this image shows a restrained pet in the passenger seat,  pets should not sit there underway. If an air bag deploys, the pet could be killed.

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