Friday, April 20, 2018

Get REAL About Motorhome and RV Travel

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Get REAL About
The RV Lifestyle
You’re at the showroom or RV show and just lost your heart to a motorhome, camper or travel trailer. It’s the right size, color, style, layout and the price? Well, it’s a stretch but the down payment is do-able and you think the monthly payments might work for you if you're careful.


Let’s get out a sharp pencil and crunch some numbers. Here are figures you can know ahead of time. 

Costs Up Front 
* Monthly payment for the RV itself and storage if you need it. 
* Insurance 
* License and personal property tax. You'll need a license right off the bat, but the tax bill may come out of the blue later in the year. 
* Membership in an RV association, such as FMCA, that has benefits including road assistance and discounts on essentials such as campgrounds and insurances.  

* Furnishings. You’ll need to add dishes, pots and pans, bedding, sheets and towels for living and there will probably be RV accessories you want to add such as an awning, tire covers, patio rug, folding bicycles, ad inf. 

Costs That Depend on Usage
* Campground fees (can vary from free to $100 or more a night)
* Parking at some attractions such as theme parks or city lots near museums, etc. 
* Eating out (but you don’t have to)
* Fuel, oil, tolls, propane, truck wash
* If you’re wise you’ll start a fund for costs that will come due eventually such as tires, warranty renewal, repairs, replacements
* Satellite TV and Internet unless you’re prepared to be in some areas with no reception

The above costs apply to all RV owners. The list grows longer if you plan to live on board full-time. But that’s for another day.

Bottom line: The down payment and monthly mortgage are just the start, not the end of the cost of owning and loving an RV. And love it you will, if only you make the right decisions in that showroom. 

Warning: Buy a trusted, established brand from a trusted, established dealer who is known to stand behind its customers. That means the place and personnel to deal with any problems that arise under warranty. Otherwise your RV could spend the camping season in the shop, not in the campground. 
        RV’s are NOT covered by the so-called Lemon Law in all states. You’re buying not just one item but components that include a chassis, living quarters,  furnishings and appliances, plumbing and wiring, drive train, engine and so on, all made by different makers with different warranties. 

I’ll see you down the road. Janet Groene

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