Friday, April 6, 2018

Decisions, Decisions for RV, Motorhome Travel

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Recreation Vehicle: A motorhome, camper or travel trailer that has cooking, sleeping and bathroom facilities. 

RV Decisions, Decisions

When you have an RV you have a complete home anywhere highways hie and roads ramble. You’re as rich as those old-time moguls who had a private rail car or yacht. You’re more comfortable than hotel travelers because you sleep in your own bed and, when you feel like it, cook your own meals your own way. And you don’t have to pack and unpack to visit each new place.

Having a motorhome, travel trailer or camper means you have choices. However,  some of them aren’t as easy as you think. Here are some to ponder. 

Should you...

Rent your parked RV through AirBB?

Pro: The income can be good and even spectacular in some instances, such as during a  hotel crunch when your city is hosting the big game or convention.  

Con: In addition to the obvious considerations of liability and stranger danger, renting your RV to people who aren’t familiar with RV’s could cause extra wear and tear, not to mention expensive plumbing and electrical damage.  

Rent Your Motorhome to Others for Travel?

See above and multiply by 10. It could also void your insurance coverage. 

Buy a Used RV?

Pro: Save a ton of money. Get little extras the former owner added. 

Con: You may inherit a world of woe, even if you have the best inspection done by the best inspector. Do you get warranties or has the paperwork been lost? Is the unit coming due for some inspection, recall or update based on mileage or a calendar date? It’s possible to get a loan for a used rig, but terms might not be as good. Is the manufacturer still in business or the RV an orphan? 

Change out carpeting for laminate?

Pro:  Early RV’s had linoleum floors. Then carpeting came into vogue. For now, wood and laminate flooring are trendy. Cost may be higher or less. 
Con: Hard surfaces are more slippery than carpet and  make for a noisier ride. If you fall or drop something, the landing can be nastier. Hard floors are less forgiving about scars and scrapes and, like carpeting, are subject to sun fading, stains and damage such as burns. 

Get a bigger RV? 

Pro:  More space, more comforts, more likely to take longer trips more often. Insurance may be more or less depending on other factors.  
Con: More to park, clean, fuel, more to handle on the highway. More axles mean higher tolls. Higher storage costs.

Buy a Fixer Upper RV?

Pro: Cheap to buy. While rehabbing, you get to choose the colors amenities, qualities you want. Possible profit if you flip it.
Con: Usually costs more money and time than expected, so you could lose money.  May be difficult to insure. When you’re rehabbing an RV you aren’t traveling. This is home improvement, not RVing.  

Do you yearn to travel full-time in an RV and want to do it NOW?

Not just retirees but many younger couples and singles are doing just that, making a living and raising kids along the way. Buy the book that tells how from A to Z.  Living Aboard Your RV, 4th Edition is a Guide to the Full-time Life on Wheels

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