Friday, February 9, 2018

Living Large, Small Motorhome

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Take it outside. 

Living Large in Small Spaces
RV Decorator Hacks:

Loving the RV life and the travel freedoms it provides, we all sometimes need to renew, re-do or punch up the RV’s decor without spending a fortune. Here are some ideas.

* To make new curtains, buy a duvet cover. It’s a lot of fabric for the money and it’s already double to give you extra privacy and insulation. Most are white or a drab color but   This brand comes in many  decorative colors, most of them reversible.

* Replace a bothersome wood door with a shower curtain? They are a lot of fabric for the price, lightweight,  and they are available in many colors, textures and patterns to go with the RV color scheme

* A wood-like wall covering called Belbein is a thin film that is easy to apply and give a rich new look to walls, cupboards, furniture. Just be sure to prepare the substrate perfectly smooth or any defects will show through.

* Instead of a hodgepodge of colored spines glaring out of a book case, put books in backwards. Your eyes see only a pleasing expanse of neutral white and beige pages. 

* If the vinyl floor in the RV has lost its shine and it looks worn, paint it. Get advice at a good paint store about surface preparation, primer and what paints to use. If you’re creative, use tape to make graphics or stencils to create a pattern. 

*Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors are an inexpensive and attractive way to make small spaces lighter and looking larger. However, glass mirrors are heavy. These reflective stick-ons go up easy, reflect light and weigh almost nothing. Use one or a pattern in any area of the RV.  Acrylic mirrors come in many sizes and qualities, allowing endless possibilities for placements and arrangements. 

* In the bathroom use a clear shower curtain. It lets light through, doesn’t divide the small space and makes the room larger, brighter. Pay more to get a better quality, mildew-proof curtain.

* Although it has to be well secured, many RV’s have some freestanding furniture. If yours does, replace it with clear lucite pieces that are light, bright, and see-through to make the room seem larger.

Here’s a party idea: Buy a package of inexpensive ponytail rings in many colors. Put them around glasses, mugs, paper cups at a campground party to color code them and guests won’t lose track of their own drinks. 

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