Friday, December 22, 2017

RV Women Dress Right for Travel

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Pack more outfits into your travel life if you choose carefully, coordinate wisely. 

New RV Wardrobe:
Your New Year’s Resolution

    Why pack and unpack your RV for every trip?  Many women leave a complete wardrobe in the RV, ready to go anywhere, any time. The keys to a permanent travel closet are versatility, easy care and season-spanning PLUS suitability to your lifestyle.

    Women’s tastes , budgets and activities differ, so there isn’t a one-size-fits all answer to the wardrobe question. However, here are thoughts on dressing up, dressing down, and dressing clean in your RV travels.    

    * We all have colors that work for us, so stick with that one palette rather than chasing each year’s “hot” hues. Staying with one’s tried-and-true spectrum  saves space and money, not just on the clothes but on coordinating makeup, shoes and accessories. 

    *  I once worked with a woman who seemed to wear a chic, new, colorful outfit each day. It was months before I realized that all of her her basic clothes were black, white or black and white. That allowed her endless variety in kicky scarves, belts and other accessories. Another one-color choice for you might be denim, camo or khaki.

    “Fleece pullovers and jackets are more compact and easier to care for than sweaters,” says wardrobe expert Barbara DesChamps. I’ll add that jogging suits are another of those versatile wardrobes that may women find comfortable for day wear and even PJ’s.


    * Double-duty duds are always a plus: jackets with zip-out linings or zip-off arms.
Slacks that zip apart to become shorts.
Camisoles that double as a bra. Reversible skirts, vests, skirts and sleeveless shells.

* If you do yoga, these Yoga Paws allow a workout anyplace--beach, gym, in the water-- without a mat.


    * One pair of plain pumps or flats can go from casual to dressy just by adding shoe clips. Buy a dozen “blanks” and use a glue gun to turn them into custom fashion accessories festooned with fabric, feathers, seashells, ribbon, buttons or jewels  Order shoe clip blanks at


I have two travel vests, one that is quilted for warmth and another that’s a cargo carrier with security pockets. It’s ideal for anything from fishing and photography to shopping. The gold standard in travel is Scott Vests with their chic look, sturdy and slipping tailoring and pockets, including hidden pockets for security,  in all the right places. Scott vests come in both sleeve and sleeveless styles.


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