Friday, September 1, 2017

RV Women Run for It

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A Running Start

    I’m a big fan of Kinsey Millhone, the fictional private detective in the crime novels written by Sue Grafton. Kinsey is an avid runner, inviting readers to relax and sweat with her as she unwinds after a tough day of driving, doing paper work or collaring bad guys.  Like Kinsey, women in the RV lifestyle know that running is one of the best and most carefree sports.

     Running gets you outdoors, it’s good exercise, it’s travel and it’s  absolutely free. It's so much a part of everyday life,  it will connect you to almost any place and any group at any season of the year. 

There is sure to be at least one great trail near your campsite. Even if you’re in a city campground, the campground manager or the concierge at a nearby hotel can  recommended a jogging route.
    All you need are running shoes and the gumption to get out there. Whether your goal is better general health, weight loss or entering marathons, here’s how to get started in running. 

    * Get your doctor’s OK. 

    * Research the right shoes for your body and for the type of running, jogging or power walks you plan to do. 

    * Stay hydrated before, during and after the run.

    * You have to walk your dog anyway, so  running with the dog is a sport you’ll both love. You might need a different collar or harness for better control.

    * Running is  one of the best ways to connect with people everywhere you travel. Sign up for local events ranging from small town 5K runs and fund raisers to the Boston Marathon and the Eggnog Jog through the annual Christmas wonderland at the Charlotte Speedway. 

    * Little investment is required, moneywise or space wise. Good shoes are a must and it’s also a plus to have a good sports bra.  Running shirt, shorts, hydration vest are optional. 

    * Have a warm up and a cool-down regimen. 

    * Establish a routine so running becomes a compelling habit. Set goals and work up gradually to your own level, whatever that might be for YOU. Depending on your body clock,  running first thing in the morning, or after a long days’ drive, may be best for you.

    These books can help you get off on the right foot.     Running Revolution. How to Run Faster, Farther and Injury-Free for Life,.

Also The Non Marathon Runner’s Guide

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