Friday, August 25, 2017

Your Most Important RV Decision

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When your RV is two vehicles, you can use or change either as needed. When your RV is one vehicle, just lock the doors and you're home anywhere you park. 

Your RV: 
Two Vehicles or One? 

The most basic decision in choosing an RV is not the color scheme,  fuel mileage or even the price.  Only you can decide whether to drive your RV or tow it. 

The One- Vehicle RV is Best Because

* A self-contained, single RV is best for the solo woman because you’re always “home”. When you stop for lunch or a rest, you’re already behind locked doors. Park, eat, nap, use the bathroom without going out in the rain. 

* Driving most motorhomes is a snap, just like your family car only bigger. Maneuvering a trailer can be tricky. 

* Tolls are based on the number of axles. You’re insuring only one vehicle, buying tires for only one vehicle.
* Engineering-wise, a motorhome is designed for the best fuel efficiency, drive-ability, space utilization, payload, aerodynamics. 

* Most of today’s motorhomes are insulated, heated and air conditioned for use in all seasons. Some are 4WD. 

The Two-Vehicle RV is Best Because

* A travel trailer gives you the same living space for much less money. 

* The tow vehicle can be your everyday car or truck. You’re not paying depreciation and maintenance for an expensive engine and drive train that you use only in season. 

* Change either vehicle any time. You might tow a travel trailer now but switch to a trailerable cabin cruiser or toy hauler  next year. Or, it’s time to trade in one or the other for something newer, smaller, larger or a different layout.

* When you get to the campground, unhook the trailer and you have a street vehicle for sightseeing and errands. Fuel costs are less. 

None of the Above
         Of course there are other choices besides a motorhome versus a travel trailer-plus-tow vehicle. Your motorhome might tow a boat, utility trailer or small car. Your everyday pickup truck could carry a camper top or pull a 5th wheel trailer. Isn't it wonderful to have so many choices? Let's get out there and RV like we mean it! 

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