Friday, July 21, 2017

Home Again from Your RV Travels. Now What?

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Coming Home: 10 Ways to UN-Trip Your RV

You’ve home again after a wonderful RV trip. You’re exhausted but energized  with great travel memories. It’s time to put away the RV, safely and with gratitude,  until next time.

Do it right and it will pay off in an easier departure  next time. It will also pay back eventually in resale value.

Do you live in your RV full-time? These tips work for you too when you get to a place where you have time to catch up on your housekeeping. 

Make a shut-down checklist, just as you have a start-up checklist. Here are ways to UN-trip your motorhome, RV or camper for short-term storage. (We’ll cover long-term  lay-up at another time.) 

* Empty the black water tank as late in the home-bound trip as possible, preferably after a long run, so solids are stirred up. The tank will drain more thoroughly. It’s also good to store the rig with the fuel tank full and ready to go. 

* Launder everything, even if you slept on the sheets only one or two nights. Modern fabrics have a special affinity for body soil. That’s why we like fabrics that “wick away body heat and sweat”.  However, odors and stains stay in these fibers and develop stinks and stains, even in garments, bedding and towels that were used briefly.   

* Deal now with any stains in upholstery or carpeting. The longer they set, the tougher it will be to dislodge them.  

* Charge all batteries and battery-operated accessories like the Dust Buster. For longer storage times, remove batteries so they don’t leak and corrode. (Don’t forget the TV remote and the kids’ toys). 

* If possible, put galley gear through your home dishwasher from time to time. The hotter water and harsher detergent will rout out soil that is missed in hand dishwashing. Don’t forget the cutting boards and the crumb tray from the toaster oven. 

* Remove opened food packages and anything that could attract roaches or mice. After washing the fridge, leave the door ajar for air circulation. 

* Covered storage is a plus. If not, close curtains and use shades where possible such as in  the windshield and over the tires. 

* Leave drawers and interior doors ajar for air circulation.

* In some situations it’s wise to use jacks so tires don’t develop flat spots. If you leave the refrigerator on it’s essential that the rig is stored level. 

* Lastly, set off a bug bomb as you close the door for the last time, especially if you have had a pet on board.  If any fleas or flea eggs were left behind, they continue to breed. I’ve heard horror stories of people being swarmed by starving fleas as they stepped into an RV that had been stored for even a few days. 

What’s on your shut-down checklist? Please share by leaving a Comment.
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