Friday, July 28, 2017

Bathroom Hacks for Your RV, Camper, Motorhome

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Eight Great Must-Haves
For Milady’s RV Bathroom

The reason we have an RV in the first place is to have a complete home everywhere we go.  No grotty gas station rest rooms for us!  With an RV we can choose our own bedding, towels, soap,  toilet paper. We can close the door and be at “home” anywhere the highway takes us.  
No matter how large your motorhome’s loo,  or how tiny your Class B’s biffy, here are eight great items to have in that all-important RV bathroom.

1. A waste basket, even if it’s just an small trash stasher sold for cars. Don’t throw anything non-organic, such as dental floss, tampons or even baby wipes, in an RV toilet. 

2. Plenty of towel racks and hooks where towels and washcloths can be hung to dry. When they come from the factory, new RV’s never have enough drying space.   Look for versatile towel holders that  fold out of the way when not needed. If space allows, a spring-loaded shower curtain rod is also a good place to dry towels and light laundry. Put it up in the shower stall or elsewhere as needed.

3. A clothes hamper  or mesh laundry bag. 
From the first night you spend on board, laundry happens. You need a well-ventilated place to stash it until washday. 

4. A really good squeegee.  I discovered this one while boating and it's  the best I've ever used. And, unlike squeegees with a metal frame, there is nothing to rust. The better you can dry down wet surfaces, the less dampness remains.  

5. An anti-mildew shower curtain

6. A personal toilet kit for each person on board. It is easily stowed underway and, if you want to use a campground shower room, just grab it and go. This mesh shower/bathroom caddy  is portable and made of tough mesh that drains and dries quickly.

7. Air fresheners and deodorizers. Each woman will have her favorites here, from pre-poo toilet drops to sprays. Think compact, automatic, carefree but avoid 110V plug-ins that work only when you’re  hooked up.  

8. A wall-mount dispenser for body wash, shampoo, conditioner. In a tiny bathroom space it’s usually possible to mount a unit handy to both the sink and the shower. Because it's permanently screwed to a wall,  invest in a high quality, stainless steel unit that will last a long time. 

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