Friday, July 7, 2017

12 Great RV Space Savers

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12 Smart Ways to
Save Space in Your RV

    Today’s marketplace offers many space-pinching gadgets but your RV moves. That means stored items must be secured, not just stowed.  

    Hanging from a hook, an item will sway from road motion and scar the wall. Left on a open shelf, items will fall out when you round a tight corner. In a panic stop, things leap off shelves and hit you in the back of the head.  
       Here are ways to help you carry more items, more secure and handier too.


* Invest in a lifetime supply of square, space-efficient, stackable,  storage modules for food, hobby supplies, nuts and bolts.  Square and rectangular containers store better than round. Small containers here
Larger square containers here


* Instead of throw pillows, buy or sew pillow shams and covers. Stuff them with things you have to store anyway such as down vests, beach towels, extra linens, fleece throws, lingerie, knits. Bonus points: these refillable covers are usually machine washable.

* Designed to roll between washer and dryer, these rolling storage shelves will fit a nook or cranny in your RV. They  are only 5 inches wide. Once it’s in its nook, devise a strap to keep it in.   

* Save ribbed tops from worn-out socks and use them as storage sleeves for rolled sun hats, bras and paired shoes and slippers. 

* Pull out the drawers in your RV galley and see if there is any wasted space behind them. Often there’s enough room in what I call “dead storage” to stow lightweight supplies such as tissue boxes and toilet paper. 

* This high quality “shelf” rolls up for storage. It unrolls to fit over the sink as a drainer, defroster or shelf space. I love its easy-cleaning lines for the galley.
 roll up sink drainer.

* Raise your computer monitor and add storage space too. See this space saving
monitor stand  

* Attach these grippers anywhere. They are just the right size for spice bottles.
Spice bottle gripper 

* Tuck in your scarves and paired socks or hose in this hanging scarf holder.

* Swing-out towel racks are always a plus in the kitchen and bath areas of the RV, especially when they are heavy duty, high quality stainless steel like this one.

* Most rolling storage shelves are at least five inches wide, which is necessary for storing most food or laundry supplies. However, this little gem is only 3.5 inches wide. That’s ideal for spices. Rolling spice storage shelves only 3 ½ inches wide see

See easy recipes for camping and RV travel at New feature, Foil Recipe of the Week is a recipe you can cook in, and eat from, foil. No dishes to wash! 

My friend Laurie bought a used RV that had belonged to a smoker. She washed hard surfaces and rented a carpet cleaner but the stink remained in upholstery until she unzipped the covers and gave them a home dry cleaning  in her dryer. While covers were off she sprayed the foam cushions with an odor neutralizer and put them in the sun to dry. It worked!

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