Friday, June 30, 2017

Women! 5 Reasons why an RV Can Be Your ONLY Ride?

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 Top 5 Reasons Women Can Have an RV and Only an RV

    My friend Angie no longer has her Casita  trailer and she misses it. She loved having  a bathroom, bed and basic kitchen on the road. 

With her RV she was free from gas station restrooms. 
Free from greasy spoon roadside meals. 
Free from airline delays and body searches. 
Free to sleep in the woods or to splurge on a site in a resort campground complete with golf course and spa. 

    Now she’s moving into an apartment where she is allowed only one parking space. She’s thinking about replacing her everyday car with a self-contained Class B motorhome. 
Is it too crazy to do all your errands, your commute and your grocery runs in an RV? 

“Why not?” I asked her.”It will park in the same size space you use now.” 

     Is this the year you’ll have, drive and ENJOY your own RV?   Here are 5 Top Reasons to go for it.

1. It’s possible to have a fully self-contained motorhome in only 20 to 24 feet. That’s not much longer than  a classic 1955 Cadillac or a 2017 Ford Silverado pickup truck. You can angle park it anywhere and sometimes fit in a parallel parking spot.  You'll soon get used to a wider, higher vehicle. Height may be a problem only at some drive-throughs. It's possible to get a Class B motorhome that fits in a regular garage or car port.

2. Driving, backing and maneuvering a motorhome is easier than ever before thanks to power assists and rear-viewing TV. Moreover, you’re sitting higher in an RV than in a car, so you have a better view of the road and surroundings.

3. Mileage probably won’t be as good as in your present family car but you can get at least 15 mpg from a gas or diesel motorhome in the 20-to-23-foot size. Look at the big picture. If a small motorhome is your only vehicle, you’ll have only one insurance to pay. You’ll pay tolls on only two axles.
You’ll no longer have to pay to store an extra RV. 

4. In terms of maintenance and warranties,  you'll have only one maintenance calendar to worry about. And the depreciation meter will be ticking on only one vehicle. If you finance your rides, you'll be making payments on, and paying interest on, just one loan.

5-10.  In my view, the whole top 5, even the whole top 10 reasons to drive an RV everywhere are to have a clean, convenient, private bathroom. No more stinking vault toilets in campgrounds. No more grungy gas station restrooms.  No more need to get out of the vehicle in dangerous areas only because you have to use a rest room. To be fully self-contained I also want my own shower. That’s do-able in as little as 21 feet and maybe less.  

For 10 years I lived full-time in a 21-foot motorhome and a 29-foot sailboat. If you want to go full-timing, here's how. Living Aboard Your RV, 4th Edition

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