Friday, June 23, 2017

Top 5 Motorhome Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

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Five Motorhome Mishaps
You Can Avoid

    Here from Shield Total Insurance, a British company, are the five mishaps that are most responsible for  motorhome insurance claims.
   1.  Motorhome windshields are large, odd shaped and costly. “Windscreen/glass damage accounts for a massive 46% of all insurance claims," finds this insurer. Damage ranges from chips, cracks and scratches to full blowouts. Here’s where it pays to be insured because a replacement MH windshield can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 

    Stuart Craig, of Shield Total Insurance recommends, “Always report a chip immediately to your insurance provider and get it repaired as quickly as possible. From a cold snap to a bump in the road, a chip can easily turn into a crack, increasing the cost of repair. 

    “Keep your windows and wiper blades clean because stones, grit and sand can scratch your windshield, reducing visibility. Close all windows before you hit the road. Leaving a window open even slightly can result in a crack or a window blow-out due to high pressure when traveling at speed.

2. Road accidents are responsible for 19% of the company’s claims. Of these,  24% were from vehicles that were hit while parked, 14% from collisions from ahead and 14% from being hit in the rear . Accidents when reversing came in with 12% ;  incidents when pulling out accounted for 9% of all road accidents.

    Stuart recommends parking outside big cities and taking public transportation where possible.  He finds that multi-story parking garages may not be able to accommodate large rigs or may charge extra.  When parking on the roadside, be aware that your wide width  could invite a sideswipe.”

 3. Third party and impact related claims account for 12% of  claims made by this company’s customers. Says Stuart “Expect the unexpected. The beauty of a motorhome is having the ability to go anywhere, but not every place can accommodate a large rig. Don’t rely on your sat-nav. Buy a good map and take time to look at the roads and consider if they are (suitable for RV travel)”. Janet adds: also know the exact height of your rig and beware of low bridges and drive-throughs.

4. Theft accounts for only 6.5% of all motorhome insurance claims says this company.  The good news is that 40% of stolen  motorhomes are  recovered. Most thefts occur from home, so increase security there. There are a number of excellent security products on the market such as trackers, immobilizers and alarms. The investment is worth the extra peace of mind.  Adding security devices can also reduce your insurance premiums, Stuart says.

5.  In addition to the tips above from Stuart Shields, I’ll add that right turns can turn and bite you. Whether you’re in a motorhome, car or truck with a trailer in tow or any oversize rig, you can hit the curb (or, heaven forbid, someone or something)  if you make a right turn too early. Worse still, the tail might swing and hit something roo. Know your pivot point and the point at which you can safely turn.Practice in an empty parking lot.

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