Friday, June 9, 2017

RV Llfe and a New YOU

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Reinventing YOU

Do you yearn to take to the open road in a home on wheels, free as the wind?
You don’t have to wait for the magic age of 65. Chances are you can “retire” now, head out on the highway and support yourself by doing what you love to do.
     Here are just some of the passions and profits that might work for you.

* Writing is extremely satisfying for many women and it can also have a profit motive. Some romance writers earn thousands of dollars a year selling fiction, chapter by chapter,  through Amazon or a personal website. No longer do you have to pay a lot to have a book published and sell them yourself. E-books cost little to set up and a smart marketing program can go viral. 
Blogging is another way to make money with writing, photos or videos. Collamer points out several ways to monetize blogs. Podcasts are also rising in popularity.

* Collamer points out that a love for pets can take you into many careers such as doggie daycare, dog walking, pet photography, pet grooming or selling pet paraphernalia.  Of course, some of her career suggestions  require adapting for RV travel and life. You may have to outfit part of your RV as a mobile grooming studio. For some careers a license may be required. 

* One of Collamer’s chapters explains traveling as a tour director, an ideal choice for women whose passion is to travel and get paid for it. In the world of RV full-timing, this could mean staying in one place long enough to work as a step-on guide or perhaps a tour director in a large resort campground. You might also organize RV caravans and lead groups of RV-ers caravan style. 

* Want to be an entertainer? Get into the fashion industry? Become a sports groupie? Work as a tutor? The sky’s the limit but first you have to know yourself, then know your field, then know how to turn it into income, the author points out. 

In Second-Act Careers the author explains about the kind of training and commitment  that are required, ways to turn a profit with your talents and strategies for living by your wits.

   The book's final pages are a workbook to be filled in with honest answers. Once you have the big picture before you in black and white,  you can stand back and see if semi-retirement, and the roving life, are for you. 

These books will help you decide if there is a second act ahead for you. 

Second Act Careers,

Boomer Reinvention How to Create your Dream  Career After 50

Second Acts: Creating the Life You Really  Want, Building the Career you Truly Desire

The Encore Career Book, How to Make a Living and a Difference In the Second Half of Life

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