Friday, June 2, 2017

Better Bed for your RV, Motorhome, Camper

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BEDazzling RV Beds 

    It’s likely that the bed in your RV is built into the rig, probably on a plywood platform. That’s a good thing. A foam mattress provides comfort. Space under the bed provides storage room. And you aren’t hauling around the dead weight that goes with the steel springs and heavy wood frame of a conventional mattress-box springs set-up.

   On the other hand,  you don't have the same bells and whistles now that you can have in bedding made for homes such as built-in temperature control, posture control,  firmness control for both sides of the bed, even snoring control.

    If you are usually off grid and have enough battery storage, you can find 12-volt electric blankets, mattress pads and air mattresses. Know what energy you’ll need and how you will supply it.

    Here are some other RV-friendly  products that can make your RV nights more comfortable.

    First, consider whether you want to add gadgets that use energy, especially those that require constant power all night. If you have the juice it’s wonderful to have Never Flat technology in an air mattress that inflates as needed through the night to keep a constant comfort level. This queen-size mattress by Serta is a fine example of the Never Flat air mattress feature, which is also available on other brands.

    Mattress Genie Lift System 
Using the remote control, raise the head of the bed for reading or sleeping comfort with the Mattress Genie Lift System. It’s simply an inflatable wedge that slips under the mattress. Add it to any bed or bunk. It comes in twin and queen sizes, inflates in one minute and can be deflated by using your body weight. 

    A wide choice of 12-volt car blankets. They are powered by the RV's  batteries even when you don't have electric hookup. However, they’re all sized more as throws than as bed blankets, so you may need two. Because of the smaller size, they're ideal for a couple when only one wants extra heat.

       I prefer an electric mattress pad to an electric blanket. Turn it on before bedtime and get into a toasty bad. Heat rises, warming you through the night. They’re available in standard bed sizes and also for pet beds. 

    Bedding that promises to make you cooler gets mixed reviews.  There are several technologies available including mineral-infused sheets and fabrics said to wick moisture away from the body. The best technology I’ve found for use without electricity a gel mat that absorbs body heat, making you feel cooler. It’s available in a frosty pillow mat and also as a frosty gel mat mattress protector. 

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