Friday, May 19, 2017

What Does RV Life Cost?

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What Does It Cost in 2017 to Live and Travel in an RV?               

    Whoo, boy, that is a tough one. When I’m asked what it costs to live full-time in an RV, I have a question of my own. What does it cost to live in a farm house? A condo? A co-op?  Let’s think it through.

     The answer, is course, is HOW you live in that RV or condo or apartment. Do you eat your crackers with caviar or Cheez-Wiz? Do you take a fitness run every day or work out in a fancy gym?
    Do you play the Lotto? Have a $6 latte every morning? Do you have debts, such as student loans, that will follow you no matter where you go?
   There’s no substitute for making your own list of your OWN income and expenses.

Ongoing Costs
    If you have these expenses now, you will have them when you move into an RV.

 + Banking, brokerage, other financial services
 + Cell phone, ISP, domain
+  Child support, eldercare, alimony
+  Debt service (credit cards, car and/or RV payment, student loans)
+  Dues, church, charity
+  Entertainment (movies, books, music downloads, concert tickets)
+  Groceries, restaurants
+ Gifts
+  Health including insurance, co-pays, dental and eye care, vitamins, birth control, memberships or subscriptions such as a gym, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, )
+  Non-food supermarket purchases (paper goods, cleaning products)
+  Personal care (toiletries, cosmetics, hair salon, bling)
+  Pet care, food, supplies
+  Retirement fund contributions
+ Soft goods (wardrobe, shoes, household linens)
+  Sports and hobbies (lift tickets, greens fees, court time)
+  Subscriptions, publications (magazines, newspapers, online newsletters)    
+  Other obligations   

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Expenses That May Change or Stop
    If you have these expenses now, they could change or stop if you hit the road with an RV as your only home.

+ Bus fare, commuting, uniforms, other costs related to your present life
+  Rent or mortgage, homeowner association fees
+ Utilities, home maintenance, yard care
+  Other

Expenses You’ll be Adding in the RV Life
    This involves from guesswork but start this list anyway. 

+ Any car,  truck or vehicle you’ll have in addition to the RV itself
+  Campsites
+  Furnishing a new RV (a one-time expense) plus regular additions to a replacement fund
+  Fuel, oil, propane, dump fees
+ Insurances specific to this new life
+  Mail forwarding service
+  Medical insurance (rates may change depending on your “home” state)
+  RV payments, maintenance, repairs, license
+  Satellite TV, Internet, radio. Phone
+  Storage unit, safety deposit box   

    By putting these items in black and white you have the big picture. Can you make it happen? It may be more possible than you think. 

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Next week: income to balance the expenses listed above. What resources do you have now? The answer may surprise you.

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