Friday, May 12, 2017

Real Stories from RV Full-timers

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Facts from RV Folks
    Do you yearn to go on the road full-time in an RV that will also be your home? Here from my mailbox are frank comments from people who are living full-time in a motorhome or travel trailer. Some are singles, some couples. They asked to be anonymous. 

    Janet: What’s your plan for later, when you can’t handle full-time travel any longer?
    Fulltimer #1:  “ When I hang up the keys  I intend to buy a park model in an RV campground. This is the lifestyle for me for good. “

    Janet: Tell me your story.
    Fulltimer #2: I’m 34 and have been full-timing for two years in a Class C motorhome I bought used.  I work in campgrounds and Amazon fulfillment centers as needed to keep up with the payments. I’ll have more free time next year when the RV is paid off but for now it’s fun to travel to different jobs around the country. I have loved RV camping since I was three  years old and our family camped in a converted school bus. Now I’m living my full-timer dream and loving it .” 

    Janet: You two say you are 82 and 87 years old. Do you know what you’ll do when you have to give up the full-timing lilfe?
    Fulltimers #3. No but we are looking into the Escapees program in Livingston, Texas.
 This is our life. We will be RV-ers until we die.”

    Janet: You two have been full-timing 30 years now and your current RV is 19 years old. Tell me about your travels and your plans for the future.   
    Full-timers #4. Well, we’re now 72 and 80 years old and plan to move to an assisted living facility when we have to. For now we move on every one or two weeks. Our home base is Florida because we like the weather and we have relatives there. Our next purchase will be a new dinghy. That’s a car we’ll tow behind the motorhome. 

    Janet: You say you’re full-timing but find it hard to get by on $30,000 a year.
    Fulltimers #5. We love the motorhome but it’s time to settle down. We’re building a house in Florida and we'll get jobs there. We may go full-time again someday. Who knows?

    Janet: Tell me how you’re doing in your 38-footer on a budget of $50,000 a year.
    Full-timers #6. “We love our unique,  custom designed RV and have no plans to replace it but we couldn’t afford a newer model anyway. Ours is a diesel pusher with four solar panels on the roof to power our inverter. We survived a summer in Alaska and have seen much of America, with many places yet to be explored. We are trying to put something away for a rainy day. Our present motorhome was paid for through the sale of our home.”

    Janet: You two also live on $50K a year and your RV is a nine-year-old 35-footer. How is that working out?
    Full–timers #7 We will leave this life only when it’s time to go into a nursing home. Meanwhile we stay in one spot for six or seven months, then move on every three days or so for the rest of the year. Our most vexing problem is finding good motorhome service.

    These snippets are just a peek into the full-time RV life. It begins with making the decision and ends when you’re ready to move on to the next adventure. Want to go  NOW, not wait to retire?  I full-timed for 10 years, making a living as a freelance writer and author. My book Living Aboard Your RV, 4th Edition tells you how.

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