Friday, April 7, 2017

Washday in the Campground

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When you use the campground's coin-op machines you do all your loads a once. 

Avoiding Washouts

    When you’re home, you do laundry as needed. When you’re in the RV for a weekend or vacation, laundry can wait until you get home. Things change greatly, however, when you leave for a long RV trip or, better still, when you go full-timing.

Here’s how to come clean.
    * Compact washers-dryers are available for installation in larger RVs. Before you buy, carefully consider whether you’d rather devote the weight, water and space to something else. 

    * Plastic laundry baskets are bulky. Make or buy fabric bags. Fill them with dirty clothes, add a soap pod and put everything in the washer including the bags. Bring clean, folded clothes back to the RV in the clean bags.  

    * Check machines before adding clothes. I’ve found crayons, chocolate and lipstick left behind in washers. They would have ruined my wash load. Also, small items such as socks get stuck in dryers due to static cling. Check before leaving.

    *When using coin laundries, be there. Waiting for a machine, another camper might remove your clean clothes and put them just anywhere. Or, a well-meaning neighbor might put them in the dryer for you, not realizing that the wrong heat setting will ruin the load. 

    * Never forget to treat a stain. If it’s safe for the fabric, use a stain stick on dirt as it happens. Then put in the hamper. 

    * Use dye-absorbing sheets in every load. They prevent accidents (the red sock in the white tee shirts) and allow you wash everything in one load. Even if you sorted your own laundry carefully, you can miss things left behind by a previous user of the same machine. 

    * Take plenty of hangers to the laundry room. Fluff-dry items until they are warm and wrinkle free but still damp. Shake and hang. No ironing. 

      *When bookdocking I do laundry by hand in a child-size, inflatable swimming pool. It's roomy enough for sheets yet it stows in no space at all. Soak, agitate using a toilet plunger, rinse.

    * Don’t trust an expensive item (your silk blouse; the custom bedspread) to a laundry machine you haven’t tried before. It could be hotter, colder or more harsh than similar machines. Too, water hardness varies widely around the country. If this is your first time to use this machine, you may use too much or too little soap.  

    * Observe campground rules. Some do not allow you to hang wash outside. Install a retractable clothesline reel in the RV. Some reels are tiny, suitable for quick drying of swim suits. Some provide up to 98 feet or more of drying space. I like this one, which has four, ten-foot lines. 

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