Friday, March 10, 2017

Meet This Little RV Woman

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    Abby Holcombe is only 12 years old and she’s already earning her chops as an RV woman and a nationally ranked freestyle kayaker. 

Two RV Women,  One Happy RV Family-a-GoGo

 Peter, Kathy and Abby Holcombe sold their home in Boulder, Colorado to go full-timing in their Class C motorhome.  On the road since June, 2014, they recently tackled the 280-mile-long, 26-day whitewater challenge of the Grand Canyon.

 And,  even though the trip is not recommended for anyone under age 16 to take solo,  Abby is paddling her own kayak!

    Relying on a dozen sponsors to help bankroll their adventure, the Holcombes blog about their travels. Abby makes not just an attractive model for her father’s photo shoots, she is a champion in her own right, often photographed in full professional gear at the helm of her own kayak.

    According to their website,, the family were doing too much wheel spinning back in Boulder.  Peter’s commercial photography business was thriving but it kept him away from home, family and the whitewater they all loved.  They decided to combine their yen for  adventure travel with Peter’s photography skills and business acumen and Kathy’s writing skills. They took their show on the road.

    Their rig consists of the 24-foot Class C motorhome plus a trailer bristling with all the extras including kayaks and paddlehoards. Abby’s “room” is the cab over pad, plastered with pictures typical of girls her age.

    It’s daunting to read about all the places they have been pell-mell in less than three years.  Florida, New York, Alaska, and dozens of places in between have all been recorded by Peter’s talented camera eye. That’s life in the fast lane, just the way this young RV woman likes it.

    “I love how I have friends all over the country now,” says Abby, who fastens their photos above her RV loft bed like any pre-teen. “I have friends in Georgia, Ontario, the Yukon--everywhere. And I’m seeing all these different cultures.”

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