Friday, March 17, 2017

Health Care, Jobs and the RV Lifestyle

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 Medical Skills Can
Fund Your RV Fun

    Do you dream of going RV full-timing now, not after retirement? Unless you win the lottery you’ll need a portable profession. The medical field is wide open and getting hotter. And you don’t necessarily need a college degree, R.N. or M.D. after your name.

    Thanks to sites such as BecomeAnXray, and, jobs in the medical field can take you anywhere.

How it Works

    Contact a staffing or recruitment agency that specializes in travel healthcare jobs. Are you a clinical laboratory scientist? At we found more than a dozen temporary jobs ranging from nine to 26 weeks, in locations from Boston to California. Are you a Cardiovascular Intervention Technician?  Choose from half a dozen 13-week gigs from Connecticut to Kansas. A Cath Lab Tech? How about 13 weeks in San Luis Obispo, California?

    As a traveler you’ll be employed by the agency, not the clinic, hospital or medical practice. The agency takes care of your state licensing, travel and housing. Many hospitals have RV hook-ups or are near fabulous campgrounds. Agencies may also provide health benefits and other perks. Search  by job description, preferred location and duration of the job. Then work where you choose and move on when you need money again. 

    Healthcare occupations that are available as travel jobs include  nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, medical imaging, cardio cath and many other skills.  Agencies generally want professionals who’ve had at least one year of clinical experience. You should  be adaptable because your work environment, job duties and fellow employees will change constantly.  You’ll also need to be a quick learner because job training for each new assignment is short and intense.   

    Benefits are many. Traveling healthcare jobs usually pay better because they are temporary and critically needed, although pay varies depending on  your qualifications and the area where you work. You’ll have lots of adventures, meet wonderful people and live in a variety of places along the way. 

I’ll see YOU down the road.

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