Friday, February 17, 2017

RV Camping Games for Indoors, Outdoors

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The Games We RV-ers Play

    The human need for social interaction hasn’t been totally replaced by smart phones and iPads.  At least not yet.   We still need games to play in the RV on rainy days. Outdoor games to play on a small campsite. Games we share with guests and campground neighbors of all ages.

    In RV travel, games are a way to make new friends in campgrounds, enjoy the company of family or friends who are on board, to exercise body and mind.  Here are ideas for smart, fun, compact games to take on the road with you. Most can be played by as few as two people.

Stomp Rocket is a run-and-stomp outdoor romp for active children, tweens and young adults. Pro: It’s ideal for active families who camp where wide open spaces are available. Con: It is light weight but requires space to play.  

Bocce ball is a common outdoor game in Europe. (pronounced BAH-chi).  Pro: It’s as much fun as bowling or croquet but can be played on a very small space.  Con: It’s compact but heavy. The best sets are not cheap.

Cribbage is a time-honored table game favorite, often handed down through generations in cribbage boards like this beautiful hardwood set. Pro: compact, play almost anywhere. Con: it takes time to learn.

Lawn Darts no longer have knife points. They are fun exercise in a small space AND these glow in the dark. 

Yard Dice is a good choice to play at the campsite. Pro: make up  many different ways to play with these 3.5-inch dice.   Toss or roll them on a small campsite. Con: bulky to stow.

Dominoes are a favorite indoor game. Pro: takes up little space, stows in a sturdy tin box, develops math skills in players 8 and over.  Rules are simple. Smaller children can turn them into building blocks. This set in a tin case will last for years.

Playing cards are a must for all ages, all skill levels. Pro: light to carry and stow. Almost everyone you need knows how to play at least one card game. Durable. Stow in their own plastic case. 

Ring toss: an oldie but goodie for all ages. Featherweight to carry in its own case. No complicated rules. Low cost. More compact than almost any other outdoor game. 

BullZiBucket is popular for tailgate parties, the beach and camping. Toss at the target. it’s a sophisticated game yet can be played many ways for different ages and skills. Breaks down to carry its own backpack. Only a tenth the size and weight of cornhole.

Board Games 
    Shop for age-appropriate table games that challenge and entertain. New themes include
     RV and Camping (Rally Ho, Camp, Fishing Camp)
     National parks (Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly all have national park versions. Other such games include  Trekking National Parks, Yellowstone, Jr. Rangerland)
     Nature  (Wildcraft, Nature Bingo, Appalachian Trail Card Game)
     Travel Theme Board Games   Names include JAX Sequence States and Capitals, 10 Days in the USA, Melissa and Doug License Plate Game and Spinning Hat Travel Trivia. )

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