Friday, January 27, 2017

A Fresh Look at RV Travel

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This just in, a new chewing gum for athletes, active travelers and others who can't always brush. It is minty, refreshing,  contains no aspartame and is sweetened with dentist-approved xylitol.

Go Ahead
Get Fresh with Me
    We all know the feeling of being a bit sticky-whiffy after a workout or busy day.

     In an RV we can’t always pop in and out of the shower every time we feel like it. Sometimes we are conserving water, or we don’t have time to take the “path to the bath”,  or it's a lot of work to wipe down the bathroom each time, or your skin is just too dry to take extra showers. 

    Here are some ways to make do.

    * Commercial spray-on bathing substitutes are costly. Make your own. Start with a fine mist sprayer that can be refilled over and over. Fill it with a cup of water and a teaspoon of Avon Skin So Soft (moisturizes) or a tablespoon of Listerine mouth wash (no oil). Shake well before using. Spray on. Wipe off with a nubby towel. 

    * Instead of disposable hand wipes to take fishing and hiking I make reusable wipes. These fluffy white wash cloths are cheap and durable. In a bowl mix 2 cups water, 1 cup rubbing alcohol and a drop of tea tree oil or  essential oil of choice. Wring out washcloths in this solution, fold and seal each in a snack bag. In hot weather, keep them in the icebox or freezer.  Bleach them clean in the next wash load. 
      * Herbal cool wipes were developed for women with hot flashes are but a boon to all ages and all genders. Several brands are available.  They are formulated to cool the skin for up to 30 minutes.
      * Even if you don't wear makeup, a sweaty face feels better after a wipe-down with a makeup remover wipe
    * These disposable,  supersize bathing wipes are developed for sick room use. One or two are enough for a refreshing, overall wipe-down.  

    * After getting down and dirty in touch football or rock climbing, rub soiled areas with a super-gentle shaving cream.  Rub in or use a soft brush. Wring out a washcloth in clean water to wipe it off. You'll be clean and the cream leaves a spicy scent.

    * Too cold to go out with a wet head?  No time for a hair-do.  Use a waterless shampoo.

    * No-rinse body baths are ideal for the sick room or a quick body refresher. Follow label directions.

Important Tips on RV Freshness
* Read labels. Some cleaners must be kept away from eyes and other sensitive areas.
* Some wipes are more oily than others. You may prefer a type that does not leave a greasy coating and make you feel hotter. 
*  If you're allergy-prone, try a little of the cleaner first in case you are sensitive to ingredients such as oils or spices. If it’s sold as fragrance-free, is it really non-allergenic?
* My grandmother’s formula for a spit bath? Wash down as far as possible. Wash up as far as possible. Then wash Possible. LOL. I’ll see you down the road.

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Anonymous said...

I wash down as far as possible, and then possible. Don't want to get "feet stuff" on my possible.

Virtual hugs,